Quickcrop Demonstration Garden

Many of you will have heard of the sad closing of Lissadell House over a poorly handled right of way dispute. Hopefully it will open again in the coming years as the organic Victorian kitchen garden under the care of head gardener Dermot Carey was one of the finest in the country. Dermot has also been instrumental in the development of Quickcrop and has been our advisor/agony aunt right from the very start. We are now delighted to announce Dermot is now joining us and will be in charge of building our Quickcrop demonstration garden.

The Quickcrop garden will be used for filming our video tutorials as well as trialling new varieties and unusual crops. Dermot will be doing what he does best which is gardening organically. He‘s been gardening since the cradle growing in spare corners of his Dad’s fields, spent time on the hostile Aran Islands and has been involved in many important projects around the country. We are on a steep learning curve ourselves with these guys around and can’t wait to get stuck in. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this project and should benefit from the knowledge we gain, it will all be on the website.

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