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Shake off the cobwebs, it’s February!

Bursting new spring budI’m a big fan of February, apart from the fact it’s my birthday (I got a camera!) it’s exciting because it’s the month we get the first whiff of Springtime. It’s a bit like trying to remember something that’s on the tip of your tongue, you have a sense of it, can almost smell it but it remains tantalisingly just out of reach.

Also, oh happy day, we can start sowing early stuff indoors or under cover. We sowed modular trays of leeks on the heat bench last week and they’re already pushing their first verdant new shoots up through the compost.


Please be aware there are still very few seeds you can sow now and you’ll need a heat bench or propagator to do so.

I must confess to being a little worried about the legions of little buds popping up in my garden and am keeping my fingers crossed we don’t get a late cold spell. Don’t get too excited with the longer days and relatively warm spring, it might tempt you to sow too early which will almost certainly end in disappointment. You will have to wait until late March/early April for most indoor sowings and May for the bulk of your outdoor crops.

Order seeds if you haven’t already and by the way, if you’d like any help or advice with your choices feel free to give us a call. Our early potatoes are flying out the door so if you’d like some please get your order in soon, you’ll be planting them next month!

We’re also celebrating Spring with a special offer on our ever popular ‘vegtrug’ range. Buy our 2m vegtrug and receive your choice of cover and frame for half price. Covers a normally €48.50, now €25.00! Ideal for starting an early spring salad garden.

You also have a bit of a treat as Niall has written his first (of many I hope) newsletter article. Keeping chickens is one of his homestead hobbies and he gives you the basic lowdown on looking after laying hens and chickens for the pot.

As always we want to hear from you, Quickcrop is our business but we’re also passionate about our vegetable gardens. When we help you we learn more ourselves and get a real kick out of interacting with our readers. You can join the conversation on our facebook page, email us, quickcrop@gmail.com or call us in the office on 01 524 0884.

Have a great start to your growing year

Andrew & Niall

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