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Autumn planting

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If you are anything like me you’re a bit all over the place this year with the slow cold start to the season. I seem to be a good 3 weeks behind on some of the crops with others only recently getting going with a bit of heat in the year. So have we missed the boat? No, not at all, there are still plenty of crops you can put in now. Plant some fresh salads or quick growing crops like turnip and radish. We still have a broad range of baby vegetable plants on the site ready to replace any of your spent crops. The list includes:
Basil, Beetroot, Brocolli, Purple brocolli, Cabbage, Russian Kale, Italian Kale, Lettuce mix,
Mizuna, Osaka, Pak Choi, Radish, Rainbow Chard, Rocket, Perpetual Spinach, Spring onion, Sugar Snap Pea and Turnip.

Quickcrop plant trays Ireland

Autumn Planting
Now is also the time to choose your Autumn crops and as always we have a range of Autumn/Winter plant trays available on the website. Don’t sit inside twiddling your thumbs in front of the fire, get out in the freezing cold and harvest some fabulous winter kale! We will have an interesting range of overwintering crops and recommend ordering now for your Autumn/Winter garden.

The Polytunnel Book
To get real value from your garden and harvest crop nearly all year round you need a polytunnel. Even if you don’t have a tunnel or greenhouse I would still recommend you get this book. It’s one of the best gardening books I have read and makes huge sense if you are thinking of trying to extend your growing season. The possibilities and the work involved are clearly outlined helping you make an informed decision on the much larger purchase of the tunnel itself.
Well worth it for true Autumn/Winter growing.


The Polytunnel book Ireland

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