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I returned from a holiday of almost 2 weeks last Wednesday to be welcomed by the sight of my completely overgrown garden. To be fair I didn’t get round to doing much before I left so it shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise I suppose.
Anyway, as the Americans say, enough already! I swaggered into the wilderness on Saturday morning armed with my oscillating hoe, strimmer, barrow, rake and a very determined attitude. You know what? I loved it. I even got stuck into stuff I’d been avoiding for months like pulling handfuls of seeding grass and dock leaves out of a juvenile hedge. I know this sounds daft but I got such thrill grasping clumps of grass and weeds with my bare hands (couldn’t find me gloves) and dumping them in the barrow. I spend so much time these days unnaturally tapping away on a keyboard that a bit of grabbing and pulling made me remember what my hands are supposed to be for. It was brilliant, I even enjoyed the few nettle stings, the tingling on my fingers in bed at night only serving as a reminder of a very productive day.
I suppose I’m saying even the jobs you’re avoiding can turn out to be fun or at the very least very satisfying to get out of the way. The garden is a wonderful place to be and re-connects us with the planet we live on, get down and dirty with it, invigorate yourself and feel well and truly alive!

July is traditionally one of our quiet months before things start to move again for the Autumn planting. We’ve decided to give a 10% discount code to all our existing customers just for July which will help you stock up at a special rate.

Don’t forget we have some fantastic tools like the Oscillating hoe and range of unbreakable Chillington tools to make your garden maintenance so much easier. We also continue to sell our plug plants right through the Summer with the plant range changing to suit the season. It’s even a perfect time to a add a couple of extra timber raised bed kits and top up with our rich soil mix all at a discounted rate.
All our deliveries, even for bulky items carry the same great rate no matter how much you order, £5.50 in the U.K. and €6.50 in Ireland. It doesn’t matter how much you order this great rate remains the same regardless of what it costs us to ship your order.
July discount code: JUL10
Simply add this code at the checkout and 10% will automatically be deducted from your order.

So, what are we covering this edition? We’ll look at things we can be doing in the garden right now with a few helpful products form out range. We’ll look at my new hobby, Juicing, which you’ll be hearing more about and I’ll try to explain Nematodes, a very efficient natural form of pest control. My wife makes a brief appearance with her recipe for parsley pesto which has become a addicted to in our house.

All that remains is to wish you a pleasant July and hope your garden is giving you half the satisfaction that ours gives us. Now is the time of plenty in the garden when you reap your rewards for getting out there on cold March days. Enjoy your gardens!

Andrew & Niall


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