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Quickcrop timber raised vegetable bedsQuickcrop is an independent Irish website dedicated to vegetable growing. We have all the materials and expertise necessary to make sure any vegetable growing project is a success. Quickcrop have become the experts in school gardens and have managed many projects for the Primary, Transition and Leaving cert courses. In conjunction with Bord Bia we sent out over 2,500 starter raised bed grow packs to Irish Primary schools in 2011 and 2012 and have also supplied our timber beds, soil mixes, seeds and plants to many secondary schools across the country.


How can we help you with your Transition Year module?
We are the vegetable growing experts and have built our business around the idea that even the most inexperienced gardener can produce a fantastic crop. We understand the time constraints and extra curricular pressure on teachers and have developed products and systems to ensure your growing module is as easy as possible. We have very comprehensive online support as well as our free schools helpline in case you get stuck.
We also provide all the materials you need for a school garden in one easy to order pack. The schools pack also includes a number of FREE items including plant pots, compost, plant labels and seedling propagation trays.

Quickcrop schools helpline
The secret to a successful school vegetable garden

The secret to an easy to manage vegetable garden is using raised beds, the right soil mix and a selection of seeds which are easy to grow and that fit into your term time. Here’s what we recommend and why:

Timber Raised Vegetable Beds.
Raised vegetable beds are the easiest and most easy to manage way of creating a vegetable garden. All our beds are treated with a safe timber preservative giving them a life of over 10 years. The beds are re-used every season so after the first year the yearly costs are minimal. Our beds are easy to construct and come with instructions and support videos.

Vegetable Soil Mix.
The secret to growing vegetables easily is using a well fed soil. Vegetables are far hungrier than ornamental plants and need a rich soil to thrive. Healthy, well fed plants will grow quicker and fend of attack from pests and diseases much better. A good soil is absolutely crucial.

Seeds and Seedling Plants.
We can provide you with the correct varieties for growing in the time you have available. Clearly it is important that the vegetables you sow are ready within the term time, this can be difficult to judge if you are new to vegetable growing. We also deliver young vegetable plants mail order if you need to get growing a little quicker or if you have an disasters at your seed sowing stage! You can view our schools seed and potato recommendation here.

Tools, Organic Pest Control and Plant Feed.
We stock the full range of consumables and tools you’ll need throughout the growing year. We agree that care for our environment is very important and at Quickcrop we stock the most environmentally friendly products available.

Information Pack.
Quickcrop provide a full information pack explaining how to get the most from your garden. We bring you from assembling your beds right through the year to finally harvesting your crops.

Free Video Tutorials
Quickcrop have professionally filmed over 35 videos on a wide range of crops and vegetable gardening disciplines. All our videos feature organic grower, lecturer and author Klaus Laitenberger and are packed with good advice and information. Have a look at the a sample video below, you can access the full video collection here.

Free Custom Online help.
What if you had a computer programme that emailed you every week to let you know what you need to do with the crops you planted in the school garden? What if you could see at a glance when to plant, feed and harvest a plant and more importantly, does if fit into your term time? We’ve got all that in our free ‘Growmatic’ web tool developed especially for schools.

Growmatic online vegetable gardener by Quickcrop‘Growmatic’ is an online tool developed by Quickcrop that manages your school garden for you. All you need to do is add the plants you are growing in the school garden and the system will mail you every week with information on the crops you’re growing at the correct point in their life cycle.

Our TY starter pack
The Quickcrop TY starter pack includes everything you need to build a proper school garden which is large enough for your class size and big enough to produce a wide variety of different crops. This pack is best installed in the Autumn term to get started on some Autumn/Winter planted crops. The beds are then covered for the winter ready to start the bulk of your growing in the Spring term.

To Purchase our TY module pack click here.

The Quickcrop TY pack includes the following:

Quickcrop TY pack
no Product Standard Price School Discount
3 Premier 14 inch raised bed €237.00
2 Tonne Vegetable Soil Mix €248.00
2 Wooden Compost Bin €98.00
1 Garlic and Onion Pack €9.95
1 Spring Potato Pack €15.00
10 Schools Seed Packs €22.00
1 Seamungus Irish Seaweed/Poultry Feed €8.95
1 Sea Nymph Irish Seaweed Tonic €7.95
1 Growhouse Mini Greenhouse €49.00
1 Fork Trowel & Dibber Pack €15.00
2 20 Litre Bags Seed Compost €14.00 FREE
40 Fertipots Seedling Growpots €10.00 FREE
3 84 Cell Plant Propagation Trays €20.00 FREE
6 6 Cell Large Propagation Trays €12.00 FREE
30 Plant Marker Sticks €6.00 FREE
3 Eco Bottle Top Watering Rose €8.00 FREE
1 Growmatic Schools Growing Webtool €15.00 FREE
Totals €782.00 €695.00

The discounted Schools price is €695.00 including delivery to your school. Of course we have extra products you can add to your order like slug traps, insect protection nets and other garden consumables. Just give us a call on 01 524 0884 and we can arrange a custom pack for you with discount included.

  1. Alan

    My name is Alan O Neill and I recently purchased my TY pack.
    We are ready to go.
    Can you tell me what would be the best crops to plant now?
    Our first module runs from now until mid Nov and I want the lads to have something at the end.
    Many thanks,

    1. Andrew

      Hi Alan. At this time of year you are looking at salad crops only. Oriental salads e.g. rocket, mustard leaf or Oriental mix will be ideal. You can also plant garlic at the beginning of October but this will not be harvested until next June/July so you may not want to take up space in the bed that you could be using next year. I hope this helps. Andrew

    1. Andrew

      Hi Alan. Apologies for the late reply from last week. If the raised beds are going on soil or grass there is nit need to use a base. If they are on a hard a area a liner advised. Please see link too liners available on our site. Andrew

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