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October Skies

Sunlit trees in autumn lightIt’s one of those Autumn days with sunshine mixed with dark skies giving fantastic contrast between heavy grey cloud and brightly lit yellowing leaves. I just took this out the window of the next door field with Ash and Sycamore giving a blast of yellow/green vibrant colour in that odd Autumn light you get this time of year.

I find Autumn a little sad sometimes as the warmer months draw to a close but then you remember what Winter has to offer which in my case is an open fire and not much to do in the garden!

The other reason I like the Winter is it’s the time when we add new things to our websites and try to improve on what we did the for the closing season. We have some great new things on the way including an app version of our ‘Growmatic’ tool and a re-design on our website to make it easier to find your way around.

Irish and U.K. newsletter
We have had to split the mailing list between Ireland and the U.K. because we are trying to stay as relevant as possible to each country. The list has been split using the location of each email according to the computer and I’m sure we must have some errors. If you are reading this and are a U.K. customer please let us know so we can put you on the correct mailing list.

Niall’s Special Offers
We are very conscious that we don’t want to bombard you with products and offers all the time but at the same time I guess we need to sell stuff otherwise we’ll cease to exist! We want to continue our monthly newsletter as an informational resource but Niall will also be sending you some interesting special offers form time to time. We’ll keep it simple with one offer at a time and hope we can offer an interesting selection of great value products.

2013 Seed Catalogue
We’ll also be launching our new seed catalogue for 2013 with some new varieties recommended by Klaus laitenberger for you to try. We will be sending the new catalogue to anyone who ordered seeds from us this year so if you didn’t but would like us to send one out to you please let us know. We were really delighted by the success of the ‘Vegetable Seed Company’ with many customers reporting very successful crops with the particular varieties Klaus has chosen.

Garlic provence wightGarlic and Onions
We’d like to apologise to any customers who experienced a delay in receiving their garlic and onion sets this year. Our own stock seemed to take forever to come in and owing to the huge success of the packs we were already over sold by the time the shipment landed. We now have a fresh stock so still have plenty for those of you who’d like to plant some interesting varieties at this time of year.

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!
November – December is the time to get your rhubarb crowns into the ground and we now have 3 of our favourite varieties in stock. The early ‘Timperley Early‘, the large ‘Victoria‘ and the late season ‘Glaskins Perpetual‘. You can read more about growing rhubarb here.

As always don’t forget we’re here to help and are delighted to talk you through any seasonal queries you may have. We hope you have a great Autumn, make sure you get out for a little bit when the sun shines and soak up the last of those warmer rays.

Happy Growing

Andrew & Niall


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