Raised Beds

Why Use A Raised Bed For Vegetable Gardening? – Top 10 List

healthy vegetable plants in a raised bedOur timber raised beds are the perfect way to grow vegetables in your garden or allotment. This method makes growing your own so much easier for many reasons, here are our top 7 (I know it’s called a top 10 list but we think 7 reasons are more than

  • They are an easier height to work on, making them easier to maintain. They are also perfect for those with a bad back, the elderly or the infirm as they require much less bending down.


  • They have a deep layer of soil for bumper crops.
  • You choose the type of soil you want to grow in. Different crops require different soil types and raised garden beds are the ideal way to easily achieve this.
  • Soil remains light and uncompacted as you never need to walk on it. And there is much less danger of plants being accidentally trampled.
  • They have improved drainage, perfect for wetter summers or overwintering crops.
  • They warm quicker in the spring, giving you a head start on our often short growing season. A variety of raised bed covers are available to protect plants from harsh weather or pests.
  • They look much neater and are a very attractive centrepiece in any garden, greenhouse or polytunnel.

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