August in the Vegetable Garden

August in the Vegetable Garden

I fell in love all over again this year. I had that light, butterfly sensation, that feeling that something was about to happen. You know the one. I was smiling away to myself in the office and even the most mundane things suddenly seemed so full of promise. This wasn't a new love affair but a very old one that had me so suddenly smitten. It was a love of something so long forgotten that only the wispy sense of it remained, like a dream that vanishes with the dawn leaving something less than a thought, something forever far beyond reach. It was a Summer, it was Ireland, and more specifically, it was my vegetable garden. This year it just all worked. Yes we had a slow start, yes we stood reeling with the possibility that this year could possibly be worse than the last. The weather was broken. But then those weeks, those glorious days! That heat and then, AND THEN, that growth! I have been improving my soil over the past few years which does account for some of my good fortune but it is simply incredible what a bit of sunshine and heat can do. It's been an incredible season so far with apparently a very good Autumn on the way so make sure you get out in the garden and appreciate what a paradise this country can be when the sun shines!

Maris Peer Christmas poataoes

Christmas Potatoes
Christmas potatoes are really a bit of fun. The idea is to sow and early variety which matures in the Autumn before the weather gets too cold and the first frosts arrive. Unless you have a warm sheltered garden I think I'd recommend growing them in the tunnel if you have one otherwise they are absolutely perfect for growing in potato planter bags. The bags can be moved indoors when the weather gets too cold and are ideal for keeping the potatoes in good condition until you're ready to use them. We have two varieties - Maris Peer and Nicola which have been held back from sprouting by keeping them cold and are ideal for am Autumn / Winter crop. Click on the links below if you'd like to give them a try: Maris Peer Christmas Potatoes 2KG Nicola Christmas Seed Potatoes 2KG

Flower from field grown elephant garlic

Seed Garlic
We had a huge success with our garlic range last year so naturally we're trying to do even better this year. We are delighted to able to announce we are the online sole supplier of seed garlic from the West Cork Garlic Farm. You can read our West Cork Garlic Farm update in the attached article. We received samples from the farm only yesterday and they are fantastic quality bulbs, really excellent. Marye and Axel can only supply us a limited amount so once they go up on the site I would advise you to order them quick! I'll send a mail to let you know when we have stock in the next few weeks, don't miss them. We'll also continue to stock garlic from the famed Isle Of Wight garlic farm and will be adding more varieties to the range. That's it for now. I hope you like the rest of the articles and glean some good information and inspiration to help you enjoy what your garden has to offer. As always, remember we're always here for any help or advice you may need. Pick up the phone, we're always delighted to help wherever we can! Have a great Autumn! From the team at Andrew, Niall, Leon, John & John Og.