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How to Germinate Seeds Successfully

A plant seed is created to grow and will perform that task admirably once given the opportunity. For successful germination seeds need a suitable growing medium, moderate moisture and warmth to sprout, and enough light and space to thrive.

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Burtown Kitchen Garden Diary – How To Build a Polytunnel

This week we have our second installment of the Burtown Kitchen Garden Diary where we see Dermot building a new polytunnel on the site to broaden the choice of fruit and vegetables destined for the Burtown Green Barn Restaurant. The … Continue reading

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The Quickcrop Pea and Bean Frame

The Quickcrop Pea and Bean Frame is a support system designed for growing your own climbing garden peas and beans. Freshly picked home grown peas are one of the most delicious treats in the vegetable garden whether they are grown … Continue reading

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Sowing and germinating vegetable seeds

We are now moving into the time of year when we start to sow seeds (for those of you not reading this article ‘hot from the oven’ it is the beginning of February) so I figured it may be helpful … Continue reading

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The Polytunnel in January

While I do spend plenty of happy time in the garden in January there really isn’t a whole lot you can do other than preparing things for the season ahead. In may cases I will be tempted to start a … Continue reading

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Burtown Kitchen Garden Diary – Dividing and Planting Rhubarb

As you may know I keep in touch with Dermot Carey (ex head gardener at Lissadell House) and like to hear about the projects he is working on in his travels around the country. Dermot works as a consultant to … Continue reading

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Rathdooney Vegetable Garden Blog – Jan 10th

I am sure you are sick of seeing pictures of my potatoes by now but I ended up digging out another barrow full of them on Sunday while I prepared a bed for Summer cabbage. According to the weather forecast … Continue reading

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Rathdooney Vegetable Garden Blog – November 28th

You may remember some of the vibrant looking photos from my vegetable garden in the Summer with its neat (ish) rows of healthy crops and tidy weeded paths? Well, it looks nothing like that now. I am afraid the garden … Continue reading

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Frost Protection in the Garden

As Winter approaches it is important to consider protecting your plants from cold weather and the damage that can be caused by frost.  All weather conditions play a part in maintaining the health of a plant, regulating water and nutrient … Continue reading

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How to Design a Garden Pond

Like so many garden projects designing a pond requires careful planning. There are so many options to consider depending on use, size, shape, material and situation. A careful compromise of these factors will produce a pond suitable for your needs … Continue reading

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