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Plant Propagation From Cuttings

Plant propagation is creating new plants from existing plants, this can be done using seeds, bulbs, taking cuttings from existing plants, and dividing roots. Taking cuttings is by far the easiest way to propagate. The first step should always be … Continue reading

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How to Germinate Seeds Successfully

A plant seed is created to grow and will perform that task admirably once given the opportunity. For successful germination seeds need a suitable growing medium, moderate moisture and warmth to sprout, and enough light and space to thrive.

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The Quickcrop Pea and Bean Frame

The Quickcrop Pea and Bean Frame is a support system designed for growing your own climbing garden peas and beans. Freshly picked home grown peas are one of the most delicious treats in the vegetable garden whether they are grown … Continue reading

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Sowing and germinating vegetable seeds

We are now moving into the time of year when we start to sow seeds (for those of you not reading this article ‘hot from the oven’ it is the beginning of February) so I figured it may be helpful … Continue reading

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How to Grow Microgreens Indoors

Towards the end of summer and into autumn activity in the vegetable garden slows down as crops are fully grown and their fruit begins to ripen. Winter brassicas are bedded in till spring and the work demands ease off. Apart … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips For Seed Propagation

Propagating vegetable seeds using a heated propagator Starting off seeds indoors has two main advantages; plants are protected from pests and disease in their most vulnerable stages and seeds can be started earlier in the year when outdoor temperatures are … Continue reading

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Why Use A Vitopod Heated Electric Propagator

Why You Should Use A Vitopod Heated Propagator The award winning Vitopod electric heated seedling propagator provides the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and overwintering plants. It offers better germination rates than other propagators and is widely used in both … Continue reading

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Growing Healthy Vegetable Seedlings

Growing your own can be tricky business for someone new to vegetable gardening but there are a number of ways you can stack the odds of a successful harvest in your favour. My number one would be to start your … Continue reading

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How to Make a Heat Bench Propagator Using a Soil Warming Cable.

We propagate large amounts of vegetable seedlings in the early spring so need some heat to get them going. Clearly a heated propagator or heat mat isn’t really practical as we need such a large area so we use soil … Continue reading

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Germinating Vegetable Seeds in a Heated Propagator

If you’re staring off your vegetable plants in early Spring you’ll need to give them some heat as temperatures will be too cold for the seeds to germinate. If you’re growing in a greenhouse or polytunnel you can use a … Continue reading

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