Gift ideas.

Gift ideas.

Well, whether we like it or not, Christmas is on the way. We always have a good range of practical garden products but have also included some nice gift ideas. Here's a couple of things we'd recommend for the big day, straight from the North Pole of course! We thought this was pretty cool. You get four shiny trowel shapes and four forks which slide onto a jute string and flutter and sparkle in the wind. Great, but why do I want that? String them along your new rows of seeds or shoots to scare away the birds. Looks pretty and works. Winner of 'Gift of the year' 2010.  

Vegetable row string line €11.50 This product has a practical reason for being as well as looking great. It's a string line obviously but works well because the blades on the mini spades don't twist in the soil. Result? Your string stays nice and taut. Apart from that and at the risk of being gushy this product is just gorgeous. A lovely gardening gift.      

Folding Pocket Secateurs €11.75   Now I know what you're thinking, this is a little gimmick I'll never use. NO WAY! This really is a great   little secateurs that'll cut through an impressive 15mm stem with its tough stainless steel blades. It folds down to a minute 3cm x 9cm so fits neatly into your pocket. Honestly, I use it all the time. It also has a saw blade and knife which is really handy and comes with a durable nylon pouch.    

Folding Mango Wooden Trug €22.50 This little trug is perfect for garden tools and gloves. I use it for collecting peas in the summer and apples and blackberries in the Autumn. It's a lovely wooden implement and one you'll treasure for years. It's made from sustainably harvested mango wood so you're also throwing a few quid to the mango farmers. Helps prevent trees being cut from wild forests.    

Vegetable Seed Tin €14.95 Our metal seed tin is 151mm tall by 146mm wide and is seperated into two compartments. It comes with alphabetically labelled filing cards to keep your seeds organised. The tin is finished in a traditional green colour and really looks the part while keeping your seeds dark, protected and organised.     Potting Shed Collection

. €35.00 This isn't just a pretty box. The potting shed collection contains a nifty paper potter for making your own paper pots, a dinky diblet for pricking out seedlings, an oak pot tamper for firming down soil, a dibber for spacing and planting your seedlings and garden lines and pegs for making perfect rows. All for €35.00! I think that's a bargain. .