Horse Hits Iceberg

I was told at media seminar recently how important it is to write an attention grabbing headline. How was that? You're very welcome to our new format newsletter. Apologies our output (or to be more accurate, my output) has been patchy this year. We have been re-designing pretty much everything (a lot of new stuff on the way) and our newsletter and blog got held up in the mix. So, how've you been? I suppose we can't look back on the season without mentioning the weather, we're based in the North West where summer was cancelled this year. But hey, you know what? We got some of the best crops we've ever had. We planted our own garden very late and thus, quite by accident, missed the cold snap in the spring. Our brassicas all did surprisingly well with mountains of cabbage, purple broccoli, kale and cauliflower. In fact I had never grown good cauliflower before and was overjoyed by the big, crisp white curds which I had always found so elusive. Parsnips also benefit from a late sowing especially in colder parts of the country and are far less susceptible to canker. Anyway, the point it that whatever the weather something will thrive and that's what it's all about, isn't it? There's always new varieties and different ways of doing things to work around the weather and that's part of the fun. We've plenty of stuff to tell you about and some great new products for Christmas so do read on. Have a great winter, I hope you got those parsnips, leeks and sprouts in and can still be pulling some fresh goodness from your gardens. We can't wait till the spring as usual and look forward to helping you with your gardens in the coming season. Good luck and happy growing Andrew and Naill