​Large Biodigesters - Commercial Composting for Businesses

​Large Biodigesters - Commercial Composting for Businesses

Large commercial composting units

Large-scale biodigesters are the ultimate in commercial composting solutions for businesses. They are ideal for any business or kitchen with high food waste output that are taking the greener approach and looking to reduce their carbon footprint. This is a relatively new approach to improving sustainability around here, but abroad it has become much more popular in places like: restaurants, hotels and cafes, schools and colleges, allotments, community gardens, hospitals and care facilities, supermarkets, and apartment buildings. Much has been written on this blog about the composting process, and insulated composters in particular. Adapting the same principles to a much larger commercial setting is an important next step towards sustainability in a greener future. 

We have long been discussing Joraform composters for the home and garden market, and are now happy to supply both the Joraform JK5100 and the JK6200 Biodigesters. Like their domestic counterparts, these large Joraforms can process biodegradable food waste quickly and efficiently - but on a much larger scale. They can process up to 1400 litres of food waste per week, with a turnaround of 4 weeks from waste to nutrient-rich compost. This is the weekly waste equivalent of approximately 200 homes. 

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A Biodigester is a composting system of any size that is self-contained. Commercial composting systems are the largest of these. They work like giant metal stomachs as they 'digest' organic matter, and do not require any chemicals for the process. The heat generated inside the digestion chambers is where the composting process really speeds up compared to traditional compost bays or heaps. Microbes and bacteria break down the compostable materials; the heat generated also allows them to break down food materials like dairy products, meat scraps, and fish bones that are typically not suitable for other composters. Some biodigesters can perform without oxygen (anaerobically). The commercial Joraforms work with oxygen (aerobically), using the internal aerator fan. They also include a waste grinder and automatic wood pellet feed as standard.

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How They Work 
Both the Jora JK5100, and the JK6200 have a dual chamber system. Waste is added to chamber one through a grinder that ensures all the scraps are of the same consistency. Pellets made from sawdust are automatically added into the mix via the auto wood pellet feed. These pellets are a high-carbon material and are added at the correct ratio to balance out the high nitrogen content of the food scraps (25:1 C:N ratio for rapid composting). 

It takes 4 weeks for these biodigesters to turn this waste into rich and usable garden compost. The actual composting takes place in the first chamber where the material is aerated and mixed; this part of the process generates a lot of heat that kills off any pathogens which may be present. Fresh food waste can be continuously added throughout this cycle via the grinder system. After week two, the material in chamber one is automatically emptied into the second chamber where a further 2-week mixing and ripening process begins. During this stage, no new material will be added to chamber 2, which ensures that the finished product is fully composted. As soon as the first chamber is emptied into the second, a new batch of compost can be started - which means at any given time the machine is processing both a composting and a ripening batch of material. 

Reduce Food Waste, Save Money & Help the Environment 
As well as helping a business become more environmentally friendly, large-scale composting will also cut down on waste costs by reducing the amount of stuff that gets thrown out. This is especially true for premises with large kitchens or canteens. The compost created in the process is valuable and nutrient-rich: it can be used in any garden or farm to improve the soil quality and reintroduce lost nutrients. Another benefit of composting for businesses is that it can help to improve their reputation and attract more customers who are interested in sustainability efforts. By promoting their composting efforts, businesses can show their customers that they care about the environment and are taking steps to reduce their impact on it. This can help to build customer loyalty as well as attract new customers who are interested in supporting environmentally-friendly businesses. 

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Sales & Grant Information 
For more information on how Biodigesters like the Joraform JK6200 and JK5100 can solve your commercial food waste problem, please get in touch using the contact form (linked in the footer). Niall will also be able to assist with grant applications to make the Joraform commercial composters a much more affordable solution for your business.