New Products for May

New Products for May

We've got some cool new stuff on our site that you might find interesting as well us some less exciting but very handy consumables for this time of year. Let's go cool stuff first: If your interest in the outdoor life coincides with an interest in hot beverages then this device is what you've been waiting for! We had one of these when I was a child and used to make tea on the beach in Summer (only the Irish!, imagine the Spanish or French making tea on a beach....). I know I can be accused of getting over excited about seemingly mundane products but this thing really is amazing. I've been kind of hinting we should stock them for ages and slipped it in on the sly the other day, someone better buy one!  

Outdoor storm kettle

The storm kettle is kind of like a metal chimney surrounded by a double skin which contains the water. You literally stuff a few sticks, and I mean a few sticks, into the bottom and light them. In about 5 minutes you have boiling water to make pots of glorious tea (or coffee if you're feeling continental). The great thing about this is the more windy it is the better it works, hence the name 'storm kettle'. Perfect for an Irish beach. If you have an allotment or are into camping you will genuinely love this kettle. It works very, very well and produces hot water quickly and efficiently with a tiny amount of bits and pieces you'll find lying around the place. If you want to get patriotic while you're at it you may be interested in the following piece of information: Storm kettles were designed and manufactured in the 1900's by Irish tin smiths. The original copper kettles were used by fishermen and other outdoor types to satisfy the insatiable thirst for tea which was just as strong then as it is now. The Storm Kettle outdoor water boiler

The raincan eco watering can

The Eco Watering Can
This one is a pretty good idea to save you filling up your watering can from the mains tap. The idea is the can fills itself when it's left out in the rain by cleverly collecting water on the large surface area of its 'roof' and channeling it into the body of the can. The cynical amongst you will point out that when it's raining you won't need to water your plants anyway (that's what I said) but what about your tunnel?, what about your greenhouse, your indoor houseplants?. See? As usual the Quickcrop research bureau leaves no stone unturned and have been giving these a bit of a trial since we got some stock in. You know what? They are really good. Pot plants dry out quickly on a sunny day and I've even found myself using the can instead of the hose in the tunnel to water my seedlings. It's always full when I go to pick it up and I'm not using mains water to irrigate my plants. I'm even started to enjoy hearing the rain on the roof at night happy in the knowledge my watering can will be full to the brim in the morning. Everyone's a winner! The RainCan Eco Watering Can.

Old french wooden wine boxes

Authentic French Apple Crates
I'm sure there are a few old French farmers sniggering at this one. We're now selling genuine old French apple crates for storing your apples, potatoes or gardening bits and bobs. They are the real deal with French stuff written on them and a genuine weathered look only achieved by being, er, genuinely weathered. They do look great and make a beautiful kitchen accessory or addition to a 'styled' greenhouse or potting shed. Harvest your courgettes, beets and bright green spinach or swiss chard and try not to look smug when you carry them back to the kitchen in these authentic and beautiful crates.

Protecting seedlings with fleece

Bulk Rolls of fleece 2m x 100m
Fleece is a very light material which will insulate seedlings from temperatures down to -3 or -4 degrees. Simply lay the fleece over the plants you want to protect and anchor the edges with some large stones. The material is so light that it wont damage the growing plants but is best pulled reasonably tight to stop it flapping in the wind. Fleece allows light and water to penetrate so can also be left on top of seedlings for a few days if required. Fleece is a must in the odd weather we're having for protecting young seedlings or potato shoots from potential night time frosts. We are now stocking bulk rolls of fleece at 2m by 100m in length. At €39.50 they are exceptional value considering the average gardener will never have to buy fleece again. These bulk rolls make a lot of sense for an allotment or growers group as the costs to the individual will be very small.