Quickcrop Pond Volume Calculator

Goldfish in a garden pond

If you are considering building a garden pond you may want to calculate the volume of water for water treatment or if you intend to introduce fish. Water treatments to clear algae and other issues are added as a percentage to the pond water so knowing the volume is vital to work out the correct dose. A garden pond will also only support a certain amount of fish so knowing how many gallons of water it contains is important. We include a basic pond volume calculator to easily view the volume our best selling ponds and to estimate how many fish they will hold. Continue reading

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How to build a pond

Garden pond with fish
OK, so while we are going to show you how to build a pond it might not be something quite as elaborate as the one above. Our expertise is providing manageable pond sizes which can be put together quickly and are easy to maintain. We specialise in timber raised ponds made using very strong interlocking timber boards; our wooden ponds are easy to build without using fixings making a finished pond an afternoon project from start to finish. We supply pond liners and pond pumps as well as water features and garden design ideas to help you build a beautiful and practical addition to your garden.

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The Quickcrop Vegetable Garden in August

Drying homegrown onions

Well, it’s August again in the Quickcrop garden (and elsewhere I suspect) so I thought we’d take our customary stroll around to see what’s growing and hopefully offer some advice on some of my fruit and vegetable crops. It is a wonderful time of year with so much ready to harvest and either eat fresh or process for storage. My latest passion is pickling beetroot with the addition of cloves and bay leaves for extra flavour, I’ll cover this briefly below as well as looking at pruning raspberries, harvesting onions and a few other bits and pieces. Continue reading

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The Quickcrop Vegetable Garden in July

Quickcrop organic vegetable garden

I spent a good bit of time in the vegetable garden this weekend as the skies were blue for a change which made working outdoors a pleasure. I was also able to have a good snoop about without getting drenched so I took the camera with me so I could show you one or two of the crops I’m growing, I hope you find the information helpful.

Ripe pink gooseberriesMy gooseberries were getting nice and ripe so I decided to pick the lot before the birds got them. I was denied nearly all my crop of redcurrants this year due to an avian blitz which took me completely by surprise. I don’t usually mind loosing a few currants to the birds but this year the word obviously got out, I am now seriously considering a walk in netted garden. Continue reading

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What is a Compost Heap?

Jorafrom insulated compost binsWhat is a compost heap?

A compost heap is a mound of decaying organic matter used by gardeners to re-cycle garden waste into a free organic soil improver and plant feed. A compost heap may be a simple pile in the open but may also be enclosed in a brick or wooden structure to keep the heap tidy and to help conserve heat which helps in the composting process.

Smaller plastic static or rotating compost bins can be used urban gardens where insufficient waste is produced to fill a large compost bin.

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Garden Pests

blackfly garden pestVegetable Garden Pests

Seeing your vegetable crops decimated by pests can be a very disheartening sight and it can happen seemingly overnight if proper preventative methods aren’t applied. Once the garden pest or pests have been identified you can go about controlling them. Most insects and wildlife found in the vegetable garden are not pests, around 95% are beneficial or harmless. The best gardens are teeming with life, and maintaining the right balance of beneficial pests and wildlife while reducing or eliminating the populations of damage causing insects and pests is what pest control is all about. The easiest and most cost effective method of controlling pests is to use natural and preventative means and there are a few that work for every pest. Here is a run down of the most common and devastating veg garden pests. Continue reading

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Irrigation in the Vegetable Garden

Vegetable garden irrigation

Regular watering and sensible irrigation is essential to the development of any plant, it is crucial for healthy growth and successful fruiting. Water is drawn from the root of the plant and transported through its capillary system, transferring valuable nutrients collected from the soil and eventually released through the plant foliage by evaporation and transpiration. This water needs to be replaced in order to sustain steady growth. The moisture content of the soil or compost must be maintained for this to happen, taking into account losses due to surface run-off, drainage and evaporation. Continue reading

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What is Compost?

Garden compost

What is compost? In gardening terms the word compost can be confusing as it can refer to garden compost you make yourself or for bags of peat compost you would purchase from a garden centre. In their essence they are indeed the same thing as both are made from broken down organic matter but there are a number of important differences: Continue reading

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The Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic nutrition benefits

You have to hand it to garlic for it’s sheer audacity, showboating through the kitchen, loving the attention it gets as its aroma permeates everything whether being cooked or chopped. It may be the creamy sweetness it exudes upon roasting and popping out of it’s paper coat or the earthy tones it adds to ginger and chili in a simple stir fry but either way it’s versatility cannot be underestimated. Garlic sits comfortably with so many things, as long as it’s getting a bit of the spotlight it’s quite happy. The pungency of garlic is more acutely observed by the non eaters so if you find yourself overwhelmed by the whiff from your friends, the only answer may be to indulge in it yourself. If you can’t beat them, you may as well join them. Continue reading

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How to Water Your Vegetable Garden

watering vegetables, grow your own, irrigation

Water is necessary to sustain all living life forms, we are made up of about 60% water while herbaceous plants like the vegetables growing in your garden contain between 80 and 95%. Plants use water to move nutrients around, to produce energy and in the case of non woody plants to create structure by packing cells with water to hold the plant up. In short if we don’t have a good water supply, we don’t have healthy plants. Continue reading

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