Propagating Gooseberries From Cuttings

Propagating Gooseberries From Cuttings

Mid autumn (late September to early November) is the time to take gooseberry cuttings. Select a healthy looking stem about 22cm (9in) long and cleanly cut it from the parent plant (see left).

Strip off all the side shoots except the top three. Remove any buds below the leaves with a sharp knife.

Dig a small hole and add a handful of blood fish and bone. Work it into the soil. Set the prepared cutting about 5cm (2in) into the ground and gather soil around it. Gently firm it down.

Propagating Gooseberries from cuttings

Water well and then leave alone. In the next spring you should see the cutting sprout new leaves indicating that it has taken. If you want to move it then do this a year after the date of taking the cutting.