September Special Offers

September Special Offers

You can take it that we're feeling particularly generous this time of year or we have extra stock we're trying to get rid of but either way the result is the same: you get stuff cheaper. Yes, we do have some a few extra raised beds in the warehouse and as I want to get my car in there for the winter some of it has to go. Besides, now is a good time to get the beds and soil in and assembled ready for planting in the spring. We can do you a much better deal this time of year especially if you're going for more than one bed so do give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you. Raised bed deals By 3 beds, get a fourth free! Buy any 3 beds from our range and get a fourth bed free. This is especially good value in the 'Premier' and 'Deluxe' ranges as you save a significant amount the higher the value of the bed. Choose from 9, 14 and 21 inch height in the Premier range and 9 and 14 inch in the deluxe bed kits. All our timber beds are made from pressure treated spruce which will last at least 15 years in the garden. The preservative used has been certified by the soil association as safe for organic food crops so our beds are a long lasting and safe solution for expanding your vegetable garden. To help you along in the spring we'll also throw in 4 packs of seed from our bespoke 'Vegetable Seed Company' seed catalogue. Please call us to avail of this offer and let us know the seeds you'd like and we'll get them out to you in a couple of days. Dublin Office 01 524 0884 Rugby Office 01788 298 795

Garlic solent wight garlic bulb

Premier 14 in bed with free garlic and onions.
Why not get your onions and garlic on us? Choose our sturdy premier 14in bed and plant up your garlic and Autumn onion sets for a fabulous crop of your own flavoursome bulbs next Spring and Summer. Homegrown garlic and onions have excellent flavour and freshness and a really easy to grow in raised beds. We include a bulb of Provence, Solent and Early Purple Wight, Elephant garlic and a bag of 50 Autumn onion 'Radar' sets. The four garlic bulbs will give you enough cloves for 30 -40 garlic plants while 50 onion sets should give you enough for at least 25 fresh onions. Remember you only need to buy garlic once every few years as you simply replant some of your harvest for next years bulbs. Garlic needs to planted in cold weather to form a cluster of garlic cloves but our damp winters can be a problem with waterlogged soils. Raised beds are perfect because the better drainage means you won't suffer from this common problem. If you've missed the boat this year or you want to add to your existing garden this offer is a great one to get you going. Tell you what...... we'll even give you a free pack of oriental salad seeds for some fresh Autumn/Winter greens! Garlic bed offer Irish customers (Discontinued) Garlic bed offer U.K. customers

Quickcrop timber wooden compost bin

Wooden compost bin with free compost maker.
As your harvest your fresh vegetables at this time of the year you will be left with plenty of garden waste you need to get rid of. Composting is the life blood of the vegetable garden allowing you to return some of the goodness back into the soil. Vegetables are hungry plants and take a lot from the soil so a good composting regime is very important to the health of your vegetable garden. Our wooden compost bin is our best seller for good reason. It's great value, takes minutes to assemble and works very well. The timber slatted design lets air move through the heap which helps the material break down quicker and is much less likely to result in the soggy, smelly mess experienced by many gardeners. Compost maker or accelerator helps the composting process by adding naturally occurring microbes and enzymes which speeds up the decomposition of garden and kitchen waste.

Hugo colapsible water butt

Hugo Collapsable Water Butt. Reduced to nearly half price!
With water charges becoming an increasing issue for vegetable gardeners it now makes even more sense to harvest and store the free stuff that falls out of the sky. Rain water is also kinder to your vegetables as it has a neutral PH and doesn't contain chlorine or other treatment chemicals. The HUGO water container or collapsible water butt is an award winning new design that mixes the need for a good looking water storage system with the desire for a product that can be easily stored when not in use. This innovative collapsible butt is made from a tough recyclable EVA material that is UV and frost proof. The unit can be set up in minutes but also collapsed easily for winter storage. This really is a great looking design and is perfect for a modern garden where you don't want to look at the usual dark green or black plastic drums. The Hugo is a funky modern design that is both beautiful and practical. It's expensive as water butts go but at nearly half price this is definitely the time to get your hands on this great new design! Reduced Hugo Water Barrel