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Health Food For Fish - Why Fish Science natural fish food is better for your fish.

Before we look at why FishScience fish food is better for your fish we should point out the most important benefit - fish love it! Trials conducted with leading aquarists from the Federation of British Aquatic Societies and readers of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine provided independent proof. The FishScience range is made from natural ingredients specifically sourced to appeal to your fish and to keep them healthy and active.

Healthy Fish through a better diet
FishScience fish food is very different from most other products on the market because it is an insect rather than fish based product. Insects are a pond fishes natural diet so an insect based food is far better suited to their digestive systems. When we work in tandem with the fish's digestive system you enable efficient processing of the feed resulting in a much better food to muscle ratio and reduce the build up of harmful fat layers. Fish fed on an insect based diet are happier, healthier and more active. Tests have also proven that insect diets result in less waste produced by the fish which gives a cleaner environment and means less work for your pump and filtration systems.

Beautiful fish with vibrant colouring
You may not realise that fish are unable to make their own colouring. The striking colours on koi carp or fancy goldfish result from what the fish has been eating rather than natural pigmentation. Fish therefore need to consume the correct colour pigments in their diets to display the range of colours that make them so beautiful.

FishScience feeds use natural rather than artificial colours which are better for your fish and enhance their fantastic colours - naturally. Colouring ingredients used in FishScience products include carrot, paprika, spirulina and chlorella algae all of which are easily digested and keep your fish feeling and looking their best!

Natural Heath Support
Fish Science products also contain garlic, which is widely known for its anti parasite and health properties. They also contain natural yeasts, which are rich in Beta Glucans, an ingredient which actively supports the immune system of the fish enabling it to naturally fight of disease.