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Plant Supports

Plant supports are recommended for lot of different types of plant. Climbing plants, taller top heavy plants, weak stemmed plants, those situated in a windy position will probably require and benefit from some form of plant support. Young plants in the early stages of development can also be helped along with a little support. There are supports readily available for every type of plant and in every shape and colour imaginable, so having a necessary piece of garden support equipment no longer needs to detract from your garden's style. For flowering plants and ornamental gardening the support should be as unnoticeable as possible and for the vegetable garden natural coloured plant supports in browns and greens look best. The best time to put in your plant support is before the plant really needs it. Supports can be put into position when the plant is still quite young and will encourage them to grow against it, eliminating the worry of having to move the plant and possible damaging it further. If ever I am unclear as to whether a plant will need support; I will stake it anyway just to be sure.

Plants can be supported by a variety of items including vertical surfaces (fencing, walls, etc.), wooden stakes, plant protection cages, hoops, and with various structures like trellises, arches, and obelisks. The latter of these are ideally suited to growing climbers like vines etc. Climbing plants are great for covering up and adding a bit of life to empty walls and unsightly areas around the garden but they can also be grown for colour and ornamental purposes.  

Many plants will have to be secured to the support and many ties are available for just this purpose. Any gardening twine will work and you can even used re-purposed strips of cloth. The main thing to remember when securing a plant to it's support is to leave it a bit loose so the plant isn't being harmed. Tie it with a secure knot and make sure to leave enough space for the stem to move around a bit, elasticated ties can be very helpful if you are unsure as they will stretch as the plant grows.