Fairy Gardens

Fairy garden timber raised bedFairy Gardens

What Is A Fairy Garden? A Fairy Garden is a mini garden or subsection of a larger garden with miniature plants (plastic or real) and fairy garden accessories. These can be stand alone container gardens for indoors or outdoors, or an appropriated section of any existing raised bed or garden. With a wide range of tiny accessories and garden miniatures available, your fairy garden is limited only by your imagination. Traditionally these gardens were created to attract fairies to the garden for good luck but more recently they have been used to teach gardening and instill a passion for it in young ones. They can make the perfect gift for people of all ages to mark any occasion.

A fairy garden kit consists of a planter (of any shape or size), some plants - perhaps some dwarf vegetable varieties, and some accessories. Some of the most popular accessories are miniatures, like small doors and swing sets, tables and chairs, and little houses. The small doors in particular seem to have taken off in recent years as they can be stuck onto any surface to make them appear as some kind of magical entrance only accessible to fairies. Fairy gardens are the ideal way to easily begin your first garden as the pay off is a little more colourful and they can be moved around the home and garden to avail of sunlight and shade as needed. As welll as entertaining children and helping them use their imagination, they are also the perfect testing ground for little gardeners. A container sized fairy garden can be customised and personalised to suit any taste.

Fairy garden raised bedsNot all of us have access to large gardens or allotments, but even with limited space, container or urban gardening makes it accessible to all as a simplified allotment can be created on a balcony or in the back yard. Salad is the most popular choice for the container garden, but with a huge amount of dwarf varieties of any vegetable you like there is no need to be limited. Dwarf varieties of vegetables are exactly as tasty and healthy as their regular sized counterparts, but their size means you can grow more of them in smaller spaces and containers. This is what makes them the perfect fit for the fairy garden, as well as fitting in to smaller containers they are also the correct size for fairies to eat if they are hungry.

The lasting appeal of fairy gardening comes from it's endless customisability and the unique personal touches brought to it by each child. A lot of the accesories can easily be made, i.e. using lollipop sticks to create a little fence or house, and unused household and garden items can be recycled into brand new fairy garden kits.

How can we help with your Fairy garden?
We supply a range of containers suitable for fairy gardening from smaller pots for a single fairy house to large timber raised beds big enough to create a full fairy village. We also supply timber beds on legs to create a fairy garden display at the perfect height for young children to work on and enjoy. We stock compost mixes and other growing media to ensure your new miniature garden stays healthy and is the 'garden of eden' your fairy friends deserve.

Our new fairy garden centre will open very soon and will include a range of miniature live plants suitable for fairy gardens as well as the full range of the wonderful 'Fiddlehead' fairy garden accessories. Please contact us on the number at the top of the page for more information.