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Galvanised Steel Raised Beds

Galvanised steel raised beds offer all the same benefits of their timber counterparts. They provide easy access to plants, warm the soil up, are easier to weed and maintain, and much more. If you're not new to this site then you will by now be well aware of how much we love our raised beds. As part of our never ending search for the best gardening equipment, we are constantly on the look out for something new (or at least new to us), and this is what led us to have a proper look at steel raised beds. We already stock a few galvanised raised garden beds that come with a re-usable internal liner to prevent soil loss and provide extra frost protection. These metal planters are powder coated for rust protection and have a corrugated profile for extra strength and to prevent buckling.

Galvanised raised beds are increasing in popularity recently, they have a certain versatility that allows them to seamlessly fit in with any patio, balcony, or modern garden design. They are a stylish alternative to various shaped steel planters and boxes and are the ideal choice for DIY-ers or those just looking for a quick re-design. A well designed contemporary garden with steel centrepieces like raised beds is easy to keep perfectly balanced with both it's surroundings and the life growing within. A few steel beds or even rows of them can provide a very enjoyable contrast in the garden, and in quite a minimalist way can highlight all the vibrant colours of your plants. With a range of colours to choose from, and a range of safe paints and coatings, steel raised beds offer a glimpse at the future of vegetable growing. They can last for decades in the garden as galvanised metals won't expand or contract with the temperatures as our seasons change. The raised planters we have selected to be part of our contemporary galvanised steel range have all been designed to retain their lustre and last longer outdoors.

Galvanised metal is perfectly safe to use in the garden, it is essentially regular metal with a layer of zinc stuck to the surface to prevent rusting. The soil we use for gardening won't have enough of an acid content to break down the zinc coating. Zinc is one of the many micro-nutrients that plants feed on, so what trace amounts actually do break down and get in to the soil will only be of benefit to them. All the benefits of growing in wooden raised beds apply to steel ones. The main one being the increased height, not only does this make it easier to work on, it also ensures a better soil structure that won't get compacted by foot traffic. With raised gardening, a comfortable working height is key. The easier it is to maintain and tend to a garden, the more enjoyable it will be.

We stock a large range of timber raised beds, each available in multiple sizes and depths to suit any garden. These beds are the perfect way to grow vegetables in your garden, tunnel, or allotment. All our wooden beds come in kits that are very easy to assemble. They have a very natural design and are made with spruce timber boards and corner posts. A build your own option is also available for a bespoke raised garden.