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Klasmann Organic Compost

In this video Niall talks why Quickcrop use, and highly recommend the excellent and consistent Klasmann compost, to grow our own seedlings. He looks at the difference between the very high quality organic Klasmann seed compost and potting compost. And even though it is pricy - why it is worth the investment. It is intentionally lower in nutrients than other multipurpose compost which helps improve germination and gives you the perfect nutrient mix for the early stages of growth.

Improving Your Soil
The Importance of Composting
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Closed for re-stocking until Friday April 3rd 2020

We are sorry but due to very high order numbers we have had to close our site temporarily for 3 days until Friday, April 3rd. This is to allow our packing staff to deal with a large order backlog and to re-stock.

For more information on re-opening and stock availability please click the 'info' button below. We apologise for any inconvenience and will be back very soon!