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Planting Mats For Organic Weed Control

Our Gro Grid planting mats are the ideal solution for organic weed control in the vegetable garden. These mats have been designed to stop weeds growing and create the perfect growing environment for your plants. Plants that are grown without competition from weeds will establish more quickly and require less maintenance. Gro Grids also absorb heat and retain more moisture than other weed control fabrics thanks to their semi-permeable material. They are made from a tough, semi permeable weed control fabric that has heat sealed holes punched into it at the correct sizes and planting distances for a wide variety of vegetable plants. These planting mats are available in four different types; A, B, C, & D, each of which will have it's planting holes punched at different spacings to correspond with different vegetable plants. They are particularly good for difficult to weed between plants like peas or shallow rooted vegetables like leeks and onions and they also help to prevent blight washing down to potato tubers. There is also a hedge planting mat available for easily planting a perfectly straight hedge with no weeds to contend with. All Gro Grid mats are completely reusable and can be easily cleaned down and used several times throughout each growing season. They can be folded away for use the following season and will last for many seasons if cared for and stored properly.

As well as reducing all that time spent weeding in the vegetable garden, Gro Grid mats can also be used to reduce the impact of certain pests and prevent the spread of disease among vegetables and plants. The semi-permeable fabric contains unique ripple weave technology that both gives excellent water dispersion and is free draining to prevent water pooling around the base of the plants.  Having a cover over the soil in a vegetable garden or bed will help maintain soil temperatures and conserve soil moisture by reducing evaporation, this adds to the ideal growing environment for seedlings. On the face of it, a Gro Grid might seem just like som regular weed control membrane with holes cut in it and essentially it is. The major advantage is that the holes are heat sealed which means there will be no shredding or tearing around the planting holes. I know from plenty of experience that any holes I had previously cut in weed fabric ended up unraveling with the wind and looking rather untidy. Like any weed control membrane, a layer of chippings or gravel on top can give a more aesthetic finish.

Gro Grid Planting Mat Types

Type A, suitable for: Beetroot, Broccoli, Aubergines, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Herbs, Kale, Lettuce, Parsnips, Peppers, Spinach, Swede, Turnip, Potatoes and Strawberries.
Type B, suitable for: Spring Cabbage, Garlic, Calabrese, Celeriac, Celery, Endive, Florence Fennel, Kohl Rabi, Chard, Perpetual Spinach, Swede.
Type C, suitable for: Artichokes . Broccoli . Brussel Sprouts . Cabbage . Cauliflower . Herbs . Kale . Peppers . Tomatoes.
Type D, suitable for: Onions, Peas, Tarragon, Radishes, Carrots, Herbs, Lettuce, Spinach, Beans, Oriental Leaves, Basil and more.
Hedge Planting Mat, suitable for: Single rows of hedging.

Gro Grid Weed Control Hedge Planting Mat

We recently added the Gro Grid hedge planting mat to the range to facilitate the easier planting of a hedge without having weeds to worry about. Hedge planting mats have heat sealed holes spaced at the correct distance in a straight line, hedges are easier to plant using this method and establish far quicker. These hedge mats have all the same features and benefits as the vegetable planting mats, once installed and planted it will eliminate weeding and allow the new hedge to grow without competition. The mat will eventually be covered by the new hedge but can also be concealed beneath bark mulch or gravel for a tidy and attractive finish. Available in 10, 20 and 50m lengths.

Different Sizes
Gro Grid Planting Mats are available in three different sizes to fit any garden, border, raised bed, or vegetable patch. The mats will each accommodate a different number of seedlings depending on which type it is.

  • Small Gro Grid Mat: 1.5m x 2m,
  • Medium Gro grid Mat 1.5m x 4m,
  • Large Gro grid Mat 1.5m x 16m
  • Hedging Gro Grid Mat is available in 1m x 10, 20 and 50m lengths.

Easy To Use
Make sure the seedbed has been thoroughly weeded and fertilized for the coming season, then simply pin the planting mat to the area you will be planting in. It is advisable to use long fabric staples so that the wind doesn't loosen the Gro Grid, the mat must be pinned securely as movement may hinder growth. We include these long fabric staples with every gro grid order to ensure you can get started planting right away. Plant your seeds or seedling plug plants through the planting holes and firm in well. Water the seeds and plants regularly especially during dry hot weather to prevent then from drying out. The Gro Grid will prevent weed growth wherever it is placed saving you time and effort weeding between your crops.
Gro Grid is the perfect environmentally friendly weed control product for use in organic gardening. You won't ever need to spray any chemicals to control weeds in your vegetable garden again.