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Potato Patio Planters -3 Pack

In a nutshell....
3 Pack of planter bags for growing your own potatoes. These growbags are re-usable and can be placed anywhere


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Grow Your Own Potatoes Anywhere

If you like the idea of growing your own fresh potatoes but don't have a vegetable garden then these Potato Patio Planters are perfect for you. The neat Patio Planter bags are designed for use on patios, balconies or small gardens, in fact anywhere where space is an issue. You won't need to do any digging and can just empty out the contents of the bag at harvest time, it really couldn't be easier.

The grow bags are really easy to use and hold a generous 40 litres of compost in each bag. Each bag is large enough for 3-4 seed poatoes depending on the variety giving you a harvest of 20-30 potataoes from each bag. The sturdy bags are made from an extra tough polyethylene and include re inforced drainage holes and very trong woven straps for moving the planters around.

How To Grow Potatoes in Potato Patio Planters

You can use a good quality multi purpose compost or a 60 -40 mix of compost and topsoil. We recommend using a potato fertilizer to maximise the yield from your patio planters.

Depending on the variery you want to grow plant your potatoes between mid March and late April. We recommend planting the early varieties such as Homeguard, Duke of York or Orla as they are far less likely to suffer from potato blight.

Fill the potato patio planters up to about 15 - 20 cm deep with a layer of good multi purpose compost and space 3 or 4 potatoes evenly on top of the compost. Cover with a further 10cm layer of compost.

As the plants grow keep gently covering the shoots with more compost until the level is just below the top of the bag.

You will need to keep the compost moist but not saturated. An occaisional heavy watering is better than little and often as light watering may not soak doen to the lower roots.

Feeding potatoes in patio planters
Potatoes require a feed which is high in potash which will increase the yield substantailly, our orgainc potato fertilizer is perfect and gives you all the information you need on the pack. Don't use feeds high in nitrogen as these will give excess leafy growth at the expense of the potato crop.

Harvesting and storing Potatoes grown in grow bags

First Earlies are best harvested in small quantities and eaten straightaway when fresh in June and July.

Second Earlies and Salad varieties can also be harvested in small quantities and eaten when fresh in June and July. Alternatively, if the skins are allowed to ‘set' - i.e. they don't rub off when lifted - cut the foliage down to stop continued growth, lift in September and store as per Maincrop varieties.

Maincrop varieties can be lifted from September onwards and stored as long as the tubers are lifted in dry conditions or are properly stored. Store in a hessian sack in a cool, dark, frost-free area.

The 7 Secrets to Growing Success with Potato Growing Bags

As the original developers of the potato growing bags our experience in achieving the best yields is unmatched. Follow these 7 points to grow the best Grow Bag produced potatoes.

Chitting Potaoes – Chit tubers (to produce sturdy shoots) in a cool light place before planting to encourage quicker establishment and growth.
When to plant potatoes in growing bags– Start your grow sacks in greenhouse or conservatory from as early as February and move outside when all risk of frost is past.

Where to grow potatoes – All potatoes do best grown in a light, warm sunny spot.

Soil / Compost – use a good proprietary compost or an equal mix of compost and soil and place a layer 4-6 inches in the bottom. Place potatoes on compost and cover with a further 4-6 inches of compost.

Earthing Up Potatoes – Potatoes grow from the stem beneath the surface. So keep covering the foliage with more compost as it grows until the sacks are full to within 4 inches of the top.

Feeding and Irrigation – This really is the big the secret. Mix potato fertiliser or a good general purpose fertiliser such as Growmore with the compost during planting and earthing up. Keep compost consistently moist (but not over wet) and you will reap dividends for your crop.

Potato Pest Control – Finally, Potato Blight can be a major problem from July with later yielding crops. Help fight this fungal disease with ‘Vitax Bourdeau Mixture’, a traditional, protective fungicide, available in 'pest control' section.

Contents: Pack of 3

Planter Capacity: 40 Litres

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January 19th, 2017
Excellent quality, super service, fast delivery as always,well done quickcrop
May 01st, 2015
great product, all planted up and starting to grow
Paul McBrearty
November 21st, 2014
Good product, used them last year and had alot of good potatoes, we don't have much room in the back so these were very handy to have. Using them again this year which is a bonus as I didn't know they were reusable, just hope the weather picks up.

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Potato Patio Planters -3 Pack
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Potato Patio Planters -3 Pack
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