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Vegetable Seedlings for Autumn Planting - 42 Cell Tray
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In a nutshell....
Vegetable plug plants for sale online. Choose the vegetable seedlings you want and we will send them to you ready for planting.

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Using our plant picker tool.

Use the arrows on the left and right to scroll through our vegetable plant selection. Use the blue 'i' buttons for information on your chosen plant.

To add a plant to the tray below click the grey 'Add to tray' button. If you change your mind you can clear a plant or row of plants by clicking 'Clear'.

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Claytonia information

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Coriander Calypso

Coriander Calypso information

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Endive information

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Japanese Winter Onions

Japanese Winter Onions information

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Lettuce Iceberg Saladin

Lettuce Iceberg Saladin information

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Lettuce Lollo Rossa

Lettuce Lollo Rossa information

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Lettuce mini Cos

Lettuce mini Cos information

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Mizuna Mix

Mizuna Mix information

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Radish Cherry Bell

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Rocket Victoria

Rocket Victoria information

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Vegetable Plug Plants From Our Plant Nursery

We sow vegetable seeds from our Iona range in our polytunnels and carefully grow them to 4 weeks old, once they are healthy young seedlings we dispatch them. When planted outdoors in Spring / Summer, Vegetable seeds take about 4 weeks to become healthy vegetable seedlings. If you plant some of our 4 week old vegetable plants at the same time of year then you are a month ahead which is important with our short summers. This 42 cell plant tray will hold 42 healthy vegetable plug plants when we send it out, you can choose up to 6 different vegetables from a range of over 40. Each veg plant chosen will fill a row of 7.

How It Works
Create your own custom selection of vegetable plants. The 42 cell plant tray is a modular tray with 42 cells for seedlings. Using our unique 'Choose Your Own' software above, you can fill the tray with 7 rows of 6 veg seedlings from our range of over 40 different, carefully grown vegetable plug plants. Simply click the 'Add To Tray' button beneath the vegetable you want to add to your tray and a row of 7 will be filled in with it. Repeat this process until the tray is full. You can easily remove a row of plants from the tray by clicking the 'Clear' button at the top and each row can be easily moved around the tray by dragging and dropping to re-position. Having multiples of each plant increases the likelihood of success when it comes to harvest time.

If you'd like plant or growing information on any of your chosen vegetables just click on the info button that is on the vegetables icon. 

Range of Vegetable Plants Available

The vegetable plug plants available for the 42 cell plant tray change throughout the year to suit the seasons. Currently available is our spring vegetable selection, you can choose from any of the following: basil, beetroot, broad bean, broccoli - calabrese, broccoli - purple sprouting, cabbage - stonehead, carrot - paris round, kale - Italian, kale - russian, coriander - leisure, dwarf french bean - safari, leek - musselburgh, lettuce - mesclun mix, mizuna mix, pak choi mix, radish - short top forcing, chard - rainbow, cabbage - red rodima, rocket - victoria, spinach - perpetual, spring onion - ishikura bunching, pea - sugar snap, tatsoi oriental salad, turnip purple top, marigold, corn salad, radish - black spanish, claytonia, turnip - tokyo cross, oriental salad mix, endive - panacalieri, kohl rabi, swede - gowrie, runner beans - enorma, brussels sprouts - brigitte, cauliflower - aviron, celery - victoria, lettuce - mini cos, garden pea - greenshaft, spring cabbage - hispi, beetroot - chioggia, spinach - annual, radish - watermelon, chinese cabbage and land cress.

The range will be changed later on in the year to include our Autumn and Winter vegetable plug plants.

Contents: 42 vegetable seedlings (7 rows of 6 vegetable plants)

Write a Review
Heather Atkinson
October 21st, 2016
I recently received my second tray of seedlings which arrived only days after ordering them. There is a knack to getting them out of the tray but easy to get the hang of.
Veronica Anderson
September 15th, 2016
Brendan Diamond
August 04th, 2016
Plants came very quickly with good instructions, I'm now enjoying a good crop of vegetables. Highly recommended.
June 09th, 2016
Thought this was a great buy to start off a small veg garden in containers. Some of the seedlings were well established and took well, however they varied greatly in size, and the smaller ones mostly died quite quickly after being planted.
May 05th, 2016
Well packaged and contents in excellent condition
Jim Galloway
November 15th, 2015
November 04th, 2015
These plugs came securely wrapped in the post and all are thriving in this mild Oct/Nov. I will certainly buy this product again
Greta Hickey
October 28th, 2015
Planted the vegetable plugs in our raised bed and very pleased how they are growing. Kale and Radicio in particular. Looking forward to them being ready to harvest.
Aislinn Duffy
October 25th, 2015
Delighted with my seedlings. Found them in great condition on delivery and easy to plant out. All but one seedling survived and flourished. Have harvested spinach and turnip already and am looking forward to spring to try my cabbage.
Sarah Bourke
October 24th, 2015
June 06th, 2015
I love the easiness of the seedlings. It's so easy to plant, and the yummy lettuce and kale is being harvested in a frenzy already! I'm having my lovely fresh greens every lunch and dinner. Can't wait for the peas to grow.
Mary O'Brien
May 21st, 2015
Delivered in perfect condition and at time stated. Good instructions for planting and growing, some ready now to enjoy. Very happy with purchase.
May 03rd, 2015
Good plants and great service. Very helpful staff and lots of useful information on line.
horace de courcy-wheeler
April 28th, 2015
plug plants arrived fresh and healthy undamaged and unshaken with all labels in the correct place
April 16th, 2015
I am a complete beginner using this facility. I was amazed at how the plants were delivered. The packaging is brilliant. I found getting out some of the plants a little bit difficult, specifically the Leeks. I wonder would it be possible to make it easier to break the containers that the plants are in. I was very impressed with how well developed the plants were. I am really looking forward to see how well the plants will develop. I know the site does give out tips for planting the seedlings but it would be a good idea to include a print of the tips relating to the plants that you order included with the delivery.
Seamus Moran
January 24th, 2015
The looked good when they arrived but dried out in the trays because I couldn't plant them straight away. They didn't look great a week later but this might be my fault. Should there be instructions in the box? They grew ok in the end.
G Hampton
January 13th, 2015
Top quality plug lants, Prompt delivery and overall very good service.
tom evans
January 07th, 2015
plants came today worked all day sorted out now the info page very healpful but at 75 you would have thought i knew it all still learning tom evans
Chris S.
December 25th, 2014
Top quality plugs, I can tell you have some experienced growers in your nursery, These plants were like beanstalks compared with what I usually achieve. Will absolutely get again next year. Chris.
Michael Ryan
December 20th, 2014
Some of my plants arrived damaged from what looked like a rough journey judging by the box. New plants were sent out straight away without any quibble. Very happy, will be purchasing from this company again
Theresa McGinley
November 20th, 2014
My plants all arrived on good order just as I'd ordered them. I got a free herb tray too by mistake so was a very happy customer!
Lynn Kennedy
October 18th, 2014
I picked the plants with my children and we had great fun doing it. They loved dragging the little plants across and drove me crazy asking when they would arrive. All planted now and very pleased, a great family project. Can't wait fro all my yummy veggies.
Ask a Question
Asked By Theresa Woods
on September 04th, 2015
Looking at your september planting cell tray. Can all of the vegetables be planted outside in September in a raised bed? I don't have a greenhouse or tunnell. I live in the north east near drogheda so we can get quite low temperatures in winter.
Answered by Andrew
on September 07th, 2015
Hi Theresa. Many of the vegetables in the September list will need to be planted in a tunnel as we are reaching the end of outdoor growing now. For outdoor planting now is the time for overwintering onions and garlic or oriental salad crops. I hope this helps. Andrew
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Vegetable Seedlings for Autumn Planting - 42 Cell Tray
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Vegetable Seedlings for Autumn Planting - 42 Cell Tray
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