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 Giant easy aerated polytunnel

Giant Easy Aerated Polytunnel Cloche

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 Aerated polytunnel cloche row cover
 Growing vegetables in aerated polytunnels
 building a polytunnel cloche

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Breathable Cloches For Garden Plant Protection

The Aerated Polytunnel cloche (also known as a row cover) is a breathable cloche and is perfect for insulating your crops and extending the Irish growing season. 

Brilliant for starting off your plants in springtime and giving that extra warmth and protection to your soft fruits later on. Easy tunnels are our tunnel of choice easy to assemble and store away, made from light weight polythene.

This is a very clever little variation on the traditional polytunnel cloche in that its aerated design allows good air circulation and smaller insects passage in and out facilitating pollination while protecting your crop, so they become  new unique versions of breathable polytunnel cloches.

Giant Tunnel Dimensions
Length:    10' (300cm)
Width:        2' (60cm)
Height:     1' 6"(45cm

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Giant Easy Aerated Polytunnel Cloche

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