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Guide to using a polytunnel to grow vegetables

Vegetables for the Polytunnel & Greenhouse. Klaus Laitenberger.

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We have got to know Klaus quite well over the last while. He is the other half of 'The Vegetable Seed Co.' and features in our new video tutorial section. Apart from his rich and varied knowledge built up over many years of growing he has another important attribute, he's a fabulous teacher.

'Vegetables for the Polytunnel and Greenhouse' follows Klaus's hugely successful book 'Vegetables for the Irish Garden' which has fast become my garden bible. The new book is the missing link, I can now throw out everything else!

The book covers the usual indoor crops like tomato and cucumber but also more unusual plants like Yakon and American Groundnut. Information is vast and accurate yet imparted with a careful and easy to read manner. Never has learning been so good!

Highly recommended.

Product Reviews     Reviews

Vegetables for the Polytunnel & Greenhouse. Klaus Laitenberger.

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