Walk In Greenhouse With Tiered Shelving

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  • An instant and easy to construct walk in greenhouse with 2 tiered shelving to get the most growing space possible.
  • Assembly is very easy, simply push together to assemble, no tools are necessary.
  • It has a door and is large enough for a person to walk into.
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    Walk In Greenhouse With Tiered Shelving

    Assembly on this is a two-person job, with one person to figure it out and the other to hold things together during assembly. In my case, I was able to figure it out despite being one of the most spatially impaired people on the planet. It would have helped had ALL the parts been labeled, both on the drawing and on the frame pieces. I've gotten a little hand-held labeler to do the latter before I forget which piece is which. It took maybe an hour in the sunshine to assemble it and it ended up being a happy and satisfying task. Although it looked impossibly wobbley when I started to assemble it, it firmed up with each piece that we attached. The final product is sturdy, yet easy to move. I'm short so I needed some help getting the cover on,. It fits snugly, but not so snugly as to stress the fabric. I used a short-handled sledge hammer to tap the rods into the plastic connectors. I recommend you fit ONE rod into a connector, make sure it's in a STRAIGHT line and then tap it into t