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Water Features

Water features add life and colour to any home, garden, or outdoor area. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes and can be used to great effect both indoors and outdoors. A good water feature should not only look well but should sound great and provide a calming atmosphere. We have carefully selected this range of garden and indoor water features based on their contemporary, avant-garde, or neo-classical designs and, just as importantly, on their ability to complement a vegetable or flower garden or an existing garden pond. They are not just containers full of water but include moving water as part of their design.

Our water features provide a very calming effect to whatever area they are placed in. The sound of water gently cascading or bubbling over can provide a relaxing background accompaniment to whatever task you are about. All our water features are self contained, meaning they do not require an additional or external water supply or reservoir. You simply fill with water, plug in and enjoy. The cables supplied are extra long to facilitate greater positioning options and they all include an extra solid base to preclude any leakage or possible staining of existing floors or decking.

The manufacturers we have chosen to work with to supply our range of water features have been carefully chosen for their reputation as well as their high quality designs. Water features made using only the best modern materials such as a blend of sand, stone, glass, fibreglass, and polyresins were chosen and also because they are not made out of plastic. The best modern materials were used to combine the appearance of their traditionally used counterparts with the strength, durability, and lighter weight of a modern product that will stand the test of time. Each of the water features we supply is finished in a natural colour or earthy tone to complement any existing indoor or outdoor decor. They can be easily combined with each other or with a garden pond to create a sublime water garden.

Garden Ponds
A garden pond is also a water feature, they can be made from timber, bricks, blocks, stone, glass, and any other material capable of containing a large volume of water. Wooden ponds constructed using interlocking boards or upcycled railway sleepers have become the preferred pond for an outdoor feature.

If you have a wildlife area or are just looking to attract more animals, birds, and insects to your garden then a garden pond makes an ideal water source. Any outdoor pond will attract insects within a few hours of being operational, animals and birds however, will need to become accustomed to it and will be wary of it at first. Sunken ponds work better for wildlife as they are easier to access and have varying depths. If you do use a raised pond make sure it either has a sloped side or some way for animals to climb out if they fall in. If you are using a garden pond for fish and/or aquatic plants then you will have to take measures to prevent the water from stagnating. Aeration is essential in a garden pond in order to avoid stagnation, a good pump will both add extra oxygen and circulate the water to prevent it from settling. Filters are usually added to pond pumps to remove particles of dirt as well as aquatic plant and fish waste, both of these together are vital for sustaining fish and plant life in a marine environment.