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Spring flower bulbs for sale

Flower Bulbs

Top quality flower bulbs available to buy online, choose from our extensive range and have them delivered straight to your door directly from our nurseries. Ornamental flowers add much needed colour around the home and garden, they look especially attractive in borders around lawns and gardens or in containers and pots which can be placed anywhere. All our flower bulbs can be grown out in the garden, window boxes, hanging baskets or indoors in pots and containers.

Spring Bulbs

There are different flower bulbs for every season, which means you can plant and grow your own flowers all year round. Spring flowering bulbs are the most popular as they can be planted in the Autumn and are very low maintenace from then until they flower in the Spring time. They add a colourful dimension to your garden and always bloom in time to announce the arrival of longer evenings and better weather.

Planting Bulbs

Spring bulbs can be planted in Autumn/Winter and are something to do in the garden when general and vegetable gardening work tends to dry up. Plant the bulbs outside in an area that tends to get full sun with the pointed side up. Planting depths vary from bulb to bulb, but a good rule of thumb is to plant bulbs to a depth that is about 3 times their diameter. Bulb planters are available to streamline this process if you are planning a large flower garden, simply push them into the ground and they create a hole and remove the soil at the same time. Add a little general purpose fertilizer into the planting hole, and then fill it in and water. It will require very little effort to grow your own colourful display of ornamental flowers come spring time, you only need to water them through Autumn and Winter if the weather is unseasonably dry.

Flower Bulb Varieties

We will be expanding this section in the coming months to include summer flowering bulbs and some autumn and winter flowering varieties. Among the varieties currently in stock are: Tulip  (Single early, double, Lily flowered, parrot), Allium, Crocus, Daffodil, Narcissus, Snowdrop (galanthus), Hyacinth, Muscari, and Iris. Get in touch using the Contact Us page if you would like to know more about flower varieties or would like us to stock some other bulbs.

Christmas Flowering Bulbs

There aren't many plants to keep the green fingered busy when it's white outside but a lot of flowers can be planted to flower at Christmas and add a welcome splash of colour to an otherwise featureless garden. Prepared bulbs are bulbs that have been chilled, this tricks the bulb into thinking the cold weather has passed and they can begin growing. These forced bulbs work much better for Christmas flowering bulbs as they flower much earlier. Bulbs like Hyacinth, Amaryllis and Daffodils can be planted in September and October and will flower in time for Christmas and New Years. Are bulbs will arrive pre-chilled so you can get straight down to business.