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Growing Vegetables in Raised Vegetable Beds

Our raised vegetable beds are well suited to modern gardening especially for urban gardens where space is at a premium. Quickcrop specialise in wooden garden planters because they look more natural and can be built in a range of sizes and configurations to suit any site.

All our raised beds are pressure treated with a food safe preservative to ensure many years of vegetable growing pleasure. We don't use garden sleepers (reclaimed railway sleepers) as they contain creosote which is harmful to the environment.

Vegetable gardening is well suited to raised beds as the extra depth of easy to work soil is easy for the roots to penetrate and provides the high levels of nutrients that vegetables need. Our raised wooden planters can also be used as flower beds to create attractive blocks of colour particularly well suited to modern gardens.

Our range of Quickcrop Raised Bed Kits

Quickcrop raised bed kits are available in a broad range of heights and sizes and are suitable for placing on grass, soil and hard areas to suit the full range of vegetables from salads to deep root crops.

Our wooden planters include our ‘Classic’ budget versions for allotment growing, a handsome and sturdy ‘Premier’ range for a broad range of uses and our top of the range ‘Deluxe’ beds where looks are very important. All our raised planter kits make vegetable growing easy with less weeds, a comfortable working height and an open, un-compacted soil you never walk on.

We also stock a broad range of patio and balcony planters, garden troughs and other garden planters for urban growers with limited space enabling anyone to experience the joy of vegetable growing even if they don’t have enough space for a traditional vegetable garden.

Raised Garden Beds and Square Foot Gardening

Raised beds are an integral part of the square foot gardening system which relies upon an enclosed box of compost placed above the soil and filled with a custom mix of organic compost, vermiculite and a peat or peat free compost base. Our raised beds are available in a broad range of sizes ideally suited to Square Foot Gardening from  the standard size of 4ft square to larger 6ft x 4ft beds which are still easily divided into the all important square foot grid.

We stock everything you need to start a square foot garden including SFG raised garden beds, SFG compost mixes and all the vegetable seeds, plants and tools you need to try this simple system ideal for beginners.

Contact us for help and advice on square foot gardening including correct spacing fr your vegetables and suggested square foot garden plans.