Durapost Fencing System

The Durapost system includes parts which are interchangeable between a range of Durapost styles so can appear complicated at first glance. For assistance and advice please call 01 524 0884.

Durapost Fencing System Durapost Fencing System Durapost Fencing System

To help order your ideal durapost fence, we have developed a tool that will calculate the quantities required for each product. This tool will allow you to adjust the quantities and colours of each product and add them all as a bundle to your cart.

Fence Calculator


  • Fence Type. Select your panel style. Currently we offer the Vento and Urban designs.
  • Fence Height. Enter the height of fence that you require. This will add the correct length of fence posts. It will also add the correct rail product.
  • Fence Length. Enter the length of fence that you require. This is the most significant value to enter. The quantities of products will be calulated from this number.
  • Corner/Gate Posts. Enter the amount of corner/gate posts and gates that you need. You will need 2 posts per gate.
  • Bolt Down. Selecting the bolt down option will include the brackets for bolting your fence down. If you will be burying the fence posts do not select this.
  • Gravel Board. The gravel board is what goes between the panel and the ground. They are 150mm tall and can be stacked.
  • Calculate Button. Clicking the calculate button will display a menu with your selected products and estimated amounts required below. You may select the colour of each component and alter the amount. Then you can add this bundle to your cart.
  • Optional Products. Any optional products will have a default quantity of 0. Change the amount to include the product in the bundle.
  • Add Bundle to Cart Button. When you have finished editing you may add the products to your cart. This may take some time. When all products are added to the cart it will take you to your cart. You can change any quantities or remove items in your cart before you checkout.
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