Quickcrop School's Packs

We are always keen to help with school gardens and have assembled some easy to order discounted packs below. If you need any further help creating a school garden please see our resources further down the page or contact us for more information, we will always to be happy to hear from you.

School's Resources

An introduction to creating a school vegetable garden


A quick introduction to school vegetable growing.

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What to sow in aschool vegetable garden

What to Sow?

A school garden is all about timing as we need fast growing crops that will be ready to harvest before the summer break. Read our recommendations here.

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Where to build a school vegetable garden

Where to build?

We want vegetables to grow quickly and provide plenty of nutritious food. To do this we need to give them the best site we can for them to grow in.

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How to build

A raised bed vegetable garden is much easier to manage than plants growing in open soil. We look at raised bed and planter options.

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