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Garden Tools

All of the garden tools we stock here at Quickcrop are tools that we each use ourselves on a regular basis. As every gardener knows; you always come back to the same trusted tools that you can depend on for all those jobs around the garden. We have sourced and are constantly updating a selection of trusted garden tools from tool makers who make quality gardening implements that we can depend on in our own gardens and down at the Quickcrop nurseries. From many years in the business and a lot longer in the garden we started with what we consider to be the best garden tools and equipment for vegetable growers and added to that a range of tools for ornamental, general gardening, and even landscaping. Our tool shop contains a carefully curated selection lifetime quality and heavy duty Barrows & Trolleys, Digging, Harvesting, Maintenance, Planting, Pruning, Weeding, and Woodcutting tools to make the job at hand that much easier. We also have a Garden Equipment section that contains safety gear, tool maintenance equipment and more. From garden forks to pruners and from wheelbarrows to secateurs we stock all the garden tools you may need for proper results in every garden application, ease of use, and crucially, long life.

Ergonomic Tools

Many of our tools are ergonomic, which means they have been designed by the manufacturer to cause less stress on us as we use them. Using an ergonomic garden tool ensures that the body is kept in a neutral position and no extra stress is placed on muscles and joints. This enables the gardener to complete the exact same task by exerting less energy. While we can all enjoy these benefits during a long day in the garden, they are particularly advantageous to folks with carpal tunnel, arthritis, and the like.

Gardening Tools For Beginners

It can be difficult to know what tools to purchase when you're new to gardening, it seems like there is a tool for absolutely everything and it can become quite daunting. Even the most experienced gardeners will be limited in their garden without the right garden tools and equipment. When it comes down to it you really don't need many tools to get started; a good transplanting trowel will work for most planting jobs and will be a regular and trusty companion throughout the season and many more to come. The type of digging tool needed also comes down to the gardener and garden in question, I started using a Chillington hoe many years ago and now I use it exclusively for any large digging job. Chillington make right angled digging tools that give you a lot of extra leverage and make very fast work in digging new ground, their fork is extremely versatile and will be reached for again and again. Without going in to the merits of each and every garden tool here, the best way to start is to have a clear goal or plan of what you would like to achieve in your new garden. Once you know what you want to grow you can then split it up into tasks and decide if you need or want a tool to make that step a little easier, for example: soil prep (rake, fork hoe, soil sift, etc.), planting (trowel, hand fork, dibber) and so on.

Tools Delivered
We ship all of our garden tools directly to your door anywhere in the country with our trusted courier service. We always carry a huge stock of these tools which can be packed in our warehouse and dispatched without delay. In the event that one of our tools is out of stock due to high demand, it will only be a matter of days before it is back in stock.