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Getting Started - Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Welcome to the Quickcrop website. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to grow your own successful vegetable garden.

Here's 5 top tips for getting started:

1  Start small, whether it’s a container or raised beds; give your garden and body time to grow.

2  Only plant what you want to eat, or plants that are easily maintained. For example fruit bushes like blackcurrants, raspberries and gooseberries require little or no maintenance and yet come summer you are well rewarded with delicious, nutritious fruit produce for all the family.

3  Make sure you have a water source as near as possible to your beds, as carrying water is not the best use of time and energy. Also have a water container on hand to make up herbal teas to fertilise your garden. Start with nettle tea just soak nettles in a container for 2 weeks and use this to water your plants.

4 Make your compost bin easily accessible to your garden as well as your kitchen, closer to the garden than the kitchen.

5  A garden is not just for working in, make it a pleasurable peaceful place for sitting and relaxing, whether it be by a pool or under a tree or arbour you have made.

What next?


We do the work:

Installed Gardens.

At Quickcrop we have a range of raised vegetable gardens that we install in your garden. We visit your garden, choose the most suitable site, assemble your raised beds, fill them with a special vegetable soil mix and plant them with young vegetables.

All you need are the following:
* 6 hours of sunlight per day in any part of your garden.
* Access to water.
* Wheelbarrow access to enable us to bring in your soil/compost mix.

You do the work:

Instant Vegetable Garden.

We supply you with all the components of our installed gardens, the difference is it's cheaper and you do the work! The kit includes your timber bed kit, Our special topsoil/compost mix and a tray of baby vegetable plants ready to pop into their new home. All this delivered to your door.

Flatpack timber beds.
We supply you with easy to assemble raised beds of various heights & sizes, delivered to your door. You put your unit together. Fill it with soil, & then plant from seed or seedlings (young vegetable plants in trays) supplied by Quickcrop. 
You can even design the layout of your new vegetable plot using our garden design software 

Young Vegetable Plants Direct.
If you already grow your own or want to start & have done all the digging & preparing of the site. Our new “Young Vegetable Plant” supply business will allow you get ahead of the season & improve your success rate. We will deliver a tray of plants to your home in April/May. You simple plant them in to your    pre-prepared ground.
Beat the slugs -    they love seedlings just popping their head out of the ground so you can avoid loosing your crop overnight.

No thinning out or spacing – as the plants have already been thinned. All you have to do is plant them in their final location.

Beat the Season – now the soil has finally warmed up you are planting 6 week old plants where normally you would just be planting seeds. This avoids failure rates & means you get earlier & bigger returns.

No mistakes with weeds – a lot of people when weeding their beds mistakingly take out some of their seedlings as they can look like weeds. Putting in semi mature seedlings avoids these problems.