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Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is an excellent way to introduce beginners to vegetable gardening. Plant spacings in traditional row gardens can seem daunting when you are new to vegetable gardening but the 'Square Foot System' simplifies this making planning your garden a whole lot easier.

The concept uses fixed numbers of plants for each square foot with easy to follow plans, you'll get it right first time around!

Square foot gardening plans and information
4 ft sqaure square foot garden plan6ft by 3ft square foot garden plansQuickcrop 6x4 square foot garden planting plan  

Square Foot Gardening Plans For Raised Beds

square foot garden plan for raised beds

Square foot gardening is all about taking advantage of smaller spaces and raised garden beds to maximise your crop output. This is typically done by dividing the raised bed into square sections 12 inches per side using gardening twine or timber laths to achieve a grid system. The aim is to assist beginner vegetable gardeners and also help create the highest yielding garden possible.

The only difference between using square foot gardening and growing in raised beds is the placement of the plants. Square foot gardening is perfect for growing compact crops like salads, spring onions, beetroot and carrots and even fine for medium to large crops like swede, kale or Swiss chard. Larger crops, like the cabbage family can be planted in a square foot bed but remember they will need a lot of room!

We have created a ‘Square Foot Garden’ section on our site which contains an ever expanding selection of plans to fit our raised bed range but can also be used in any beds providing they can be broken down into square feet. Each square foot section in a raised bed will contain a certain amount of each crop depending on the size of the vegetable and how close they can be planted. Our hope is that our planting plans will provide an easy way in to vegetable growing for the beginner gardener and maybe some inspiration for the more seasoned grower. All our plans are printable pdfs in case you need a portable copy, and each plan contains a key or explanatory guide.

Raised Vegetable Bed Plans

Here are some planting plans for a 6ft x 4ft raised vegetable bed.

6ft x 4ft Plan 1
6ft x 4ft Plan 2
6ft x 4ft Plan 3
6ft x 4ft Plan 4
6ft x 4ft Plan 5

Planting Plans For a 4ft x 4ft raised bed

4ft x 4ft Plan 1
4ft x 4ft Plan 2
4ft x 4ft Plan 3
4ft x 4ft Plan 4
4ft x 4ft in a Polytunnel planting plan

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