180cm x 22.5cm x 33.5mm Board

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  • 180cm x 22.5cm x 33.5mm Board
  • Planed Spruce timber with rounded edges
  • Build your own raised beds and other garden structures
  • Plenty of other sizes also available

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    6ft x 9in x 1.25in Board

    [I bought 12x 6’x9”x1.25”] I wouldn’t normally write a review on a plank of wood, but these were just perfect. Tried all the usual places first, nobody had the right stuff or simply weren’t interested in my smallish order. I did some internet research and Quickcrop.ie had what I wanted and their name popped up in lots of credible places, Irish Times etc… 3 planks, one cut in half, and some old posts in the corners, 7x 4x80mm screws per corner and a lick of treatment. I’ve 4 fantastic raised beds you could drive a truck over. They were beyond my expectation on quality. Delivery was rapid. I wasn’t in and the driver rang me and left them exactly where I’d asked. I’ll be ordering more, 5 star


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    6ft x 9in x 1.25in Board

    we're using these boards to construct a custom raised bed with three alleyways. We'll affix the mini greenhouse (walk-in style) we got from QuickCrop onto it, using locally sourced metal strapping. The greenhouse has shelving on one side, with a bottom bar for strength. We're putting that bar onto a board to form a narrow raised bed. In the middle will be an alleyway for access. On the other side will be a wider bed the length of the greenhouse. I hoped I've explained this clearly. I debated as to which boards to get. These are PERFECT for this purpose, incredibly sturdy. We're renting so I'm using allotment-quality beds elsewhere, but if you want to do it once, these boards will last a good long time. I insist upon buying my boards and bed kits from QuickCrop because I know what I'm getting, know it will be of high quality and pressure treated in the safest way known to date. Great delivery people, too.


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