Sheen X300 Flamegun

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  • A safe, organic alternative to manual weeding is flame weeding to burn the top foliage of the weed.
  • Complete with a one gallon fuel tank it has an integral pump and pressure gauge for greater efficiency.
  • It can be used on beds and borders and is perfect for removing fungal growth and moss from patio and paving.
  • Flame reaches 1000˚C

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  • 5
    Excellent product

    Was sceptical but took a chance and it turned out to be brilliant. Highly recommended

    Stephen Jones

  • 3
    Sheen X300

    Product arrived on time but unfortunately it would not build pressure so i forced to change out seal on the plunger luckily there was replacement seal included, once replaced everything worked fine


  • 5
    Great weed burner for larger areas

    So much better than the small butane burner we had before. A bit daunting to use at first, but follow the quickcrop video and it’s pretty easy to get the hang of.


  • 5
    Sheen x300

    A little delayed due to bank holiday in France, but otherwise great company, product and after sales.

    M. John NEWTON

  • 5
    Class Weeder

    Wanted to move away from weed killer due to obvious reasons and this is just the ticket. It may sound expensive but it works and it's safe and a clean burn. I use on paths and drives every 4-6 weeks to keep weeds at bay.


  • 5
    Sheen Brilliant

    I love it. Ok so you might have to clear the weeds a bit more often than spraying but you are only killing whats on the surface not the worms etc and no rubbish going in to the water course. Whats not to love and it is great fun but a little noisy. Glad i live in the country

    Niall O'Connor

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    Sheen X300 Flamegun

    Just ordered another X300 flame gun, as my old one needs replacing after 15 years or so. I initally bought this product as I did not want to use pesticides because children and cats roamed the garden. I now find it very satisfying having 'a good burn' with a steady flame. Some tips. It took me about five uses before I had a feel for the flame gun; the flow of paraffin needs to be regulated (which is easy, but needs a bit of practice). Only fill the tank, at most, two thirds full as the pressure you create by pumping lasts longer that way. Re-pump when the pressure gauge gets to about 15, as less than that and the jet can cut out. And when re-pumping, point the flame gun down hill if you can as this tends to avoid the flame cutting out. Go back over places you have burned as patches can be missed (and these are usually spotted just as you turn the gun off). Wear heavy footwear to stamp out the occasion small flame resulting from leaves catching fire! And, finally, this product is for bu


  • 5
    Sheen X300 Flamegun

    I bought a flame gun, hahahahaha


  • 5
    Sheen X300 Flamegun

    Exactly as ordered

    Pete H.

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