Taifun Austrian Manure Fork

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  • The Taifun is a copper headed Austrian style manure fork with either a T shaped handle or a standard straight long handle.
  • A sturdy yet lightweight tool perfect for loading, moving and spreading bulky materials like manure and seaweed.
  • The fork features a reinforced slightly curved wooden T handle with fork made from electric tempered sprung steel.
  • Dimensions: T Handle: 35 inches (90cm) or Standard Straight handle 46 inches (120cm) ; Head: 13 inch tines, 9 inch wide head.
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    Taifun Austrian Manure Fork

    This is not what it seems. The fork part is just pushed into the wooden handle. The socket is just decoration. It is not fit for any heavy use.

    James Connolly

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    Taifun Austrian Manure Fork

    I use one of these for turning my compost heap and for spreading wood-chips. The tines of the fork are very sharp and pointy, so they slip easily into the organic material. Nice long handle.

    Peter Maughan

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