Wooden Cold Frame For Plant Protection

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  • This cold frame is a mini greenhouse for plant protection from frosty weather and the elements.
  • It has a shatter proof polycarbonate glazing for extra insulation.
  • It is the perfect size to be long lasting and portable at the same time.
  • Dimensions: (L) 100cm  x (W) 65cm  x (H) 40cm
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    Cold frame

    It must have been a cat looking for a good vantage point that did it but three mornings in a row the right side of the "shatterproof " glazing was hanging open into the box.It may have helped if the polycarb had been cut an extra half an inch wider so as to fit the frame more securely.The frame is ok, lightweight as expected.I now have a larger piece of chicken wire curled over the top to discourage cats from sitting on it. Classy:)! Also, two washers were missing, but that's not the end of the world.

    from Kerry

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    Cold Frame

    Pretty good though not as transparent as expected.


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    Wooden Cold Frame For Plant Protection

    I highly recommend these cold frames. I have an earlier version (different wood but otherwise identical) that I treated with linseed oil before first use. They've held up well— I use them to overwinter lettuces and greens and to jumpstart plants in the spring. Overall, good value for money.


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    Wooden Cold Frame For Plant Protection

    Attractive and sturdy and easy to assemble except two holes for screws had not been bored and therefore needed an electric screwdriver


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    Wooden Cold Frame For Plant Protection

    The Cold Frame is light in weight and would need to be anchored if it's windy, also there is no bottom in it, having said all that it seems to do the job. Delivery was prompt. Pat


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