Finnish Saunas

Finnish Saunas

A Finnish sauna is a traditional type of sauna that uses dry heat in a wooden cabin type structure. Rocks are heated up using a special stove, called a kiuas, and then water is poured on top to create steam that envelopes the body in high temperatures and humidity. In Finnish saunas, humidity is kept as low as 5% and should get no higher than the low twenties, this means the heat is much drier and of a higher temperature (80–110°C) than steam rooms. This heat causes occupants to sweat plenty, which then evaporates. 

Saunas are a large part of both Finland's and Estonia's culture and identity, providing a space to socialise and relax in with family and friends. A major part of life, they are generally considered a respected or sacred area where all people can be open and honest. In Finland alone there are approximately 3 million saunas, thats almost one for every two people living there. Having one of these saunas at least once a week is normal in that part of the world and Saturday is usually set aside for one. Our saunas are all made in Estonia following traditional designs commonly seen in homes, offices, and public places throughout the region. All types of home sauna have their own advantages, Finnish saunas provide excellent therapeutic benefits including: improved circulation, skin detox, ease muscle pain, stress relief, and boosted immunity.

Part of the routine usually includes having a shower first and a cold dip or shower afterwards. Alternating back and forth between hot and cold is common and after you've cooled down the first time you can begin the cycle again by hopping back in the sauna. Cold showers can be hard to get used to, we've all been there when the water temperature suddenly drops and you get the shock of your life. After a session sitting in the intense heat of a Finnish sauna, a cold shower or even an ice bath can seem like a welcome reward. Immersing oneself in cold after a sauna further improves blood flow and has a rejuvenating effect leaving a heightened sense of well-being. For a low-key look at the effect, turn the temperature down for 30 seconds at the very end of a shower and then hop out.

Silver Birch branches are also commonly used in the sauna. These are called vihta, or vasta and are for gently flogging oneself to stimulate the skin and release natural oils and aromas. It also has a relaxing effect on sore or tired muscles, providing quite a subtle massage that dissipates tension and alleviates any lingering discomfort. The light, rhythmic tapping from the branches bring a dramatic new level of tradition and theraputic benefits to the sauna experience. As contact is made with the skin, the impact stimulates the skin blood vessels, widening them to amplify blood flow. Natural oils and aromas from the Birch are released by the repetitive impact and they create a natural, calming ambience that further tethers the participant to nature. First-time practitioners may find the heat approaching unbearable, and the vihta can help redirect your focus elsewhere. The gentle rhythm and rustling noises of the branch easily distracts your focus from the intensity of the saunas heat and replaces it with meditative sensations and aromas.

Finnish saunas provide the same profound experience today as they did millennia ago. From the natural, earthy ambience provided by the timber structure to the vibrant cultural legacy embodied by whole experience, stepping into a Finnish sauna is like being transported through time through pure mental and physical relaxation. Rituals of the past can be carefully shepherded into the present and seamlessly matched with the convenience of today. The intense, dry heat enfolds the body, releasing tension and stress, and nourishing both the body and mind all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The rejuvenating effects inspire a sense of calm and clarity amidst the cacophony of modern life.

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Just as vital as centring oneself, experiencing a sauna together can strengthen the bonds between people. The benefits of heat therapy coupled with being in a vulnerable state together can very quickly transcend any barriers to communication and lead to an openness and frankness unencumbered by distractions. In Finland communal saunas abound; in the work place and in public spaces. They provide excellent team-building retreats and inspire a higher level of connection, creativity and communication between individuals or groups.

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