Firewood, Baskets and Log Storage boxes

Firewood, Baskets and Log Storage boxes

We had a lot of emails regarding the supply of dry firewood after a mail I sent out about wicker wood and turf baskets. Niall did a fair bit of legwork and the result is we're now able to supply bulk bags of kiln dried birch firewood delivered nationwide. Our logs have a very low moisture content of between 15 and 20% making them ideal for use in wood burning stoves.

Moisture Content & Stoves The moisture content of logs is probably the most important thing to consider when trying to get the most heat at the lowest cost from your stove. Timber with a high moisture content won't burn efficiently and will tar up your stove glass and your chimney, the latter significantly reducing the life of your stove and increasing the risk of a chimney fire.

I burn a lot of wood at

Dried logs

home and can tell you there is a huge difference in heat produced by unseasoned and seasoned logs. Most of my wood is my own and is only really ready for burning after sitting in the shed for two years. Most firewood delivered is freshly chopped meaning it has a moisture content of 45-50% and really isn't suitable for a wood burning stove.

Damp wood needs to boil off the moisture (the hissing sound from the log) which takes a significant proportion of the energy that's supposed to be heating your room. You can actually see by the photo above how dry the wood is by the cracks running through the logs, these aren't stock photos but ones John, our intern, took today (by the way, aren't the photos good?).

Our kiln dried wood comes in 0.7 cubic metre bags which is the same as a large bulk bag of soil. We strongly recommend you store the wood in a dry shed or other suitable wood storage box otherwise the wood will take on moisture and the benefit of the very dry wood will be diminished. Logs are delivered nationwide on a pallet truck and are on a limited trial basis so give us a shout if you're interested.


Rattan Wood and Turf Baskets. We must have the largest selection of wicker and rattan fuel baskets in the country as Niall seems to have been bewitched by the stuff.

The quality is excellent as you can see in the pictures with all the baskets made from a very tight weave. We have a broad range of baskets ranging from our giant 26inch deep baskets to smaller and more manageable 14in by 14in basket.

Log baskets newsletter

These baskets are great for firewood but are also perfect for storing or carrying laundry, for waste paper, planters or an attractive towel store in the bathroom. The material is light and easy to carry with robust woven handles.

We are also keen to stock more Irish made willow products (in fact more Irish made everything) so if you are aware of anyone with a product which you think might suit our site please pass on their details or ask them to get in touch.

Log storage box

Dry Log Storage Box We'll be making a video for this on Thursday as it's very difficult to get across just how substantial and sturdy it is from the photos.

The outdoor storage box is suitable for storing logs, coal, garden tools and equipment. It is exceptionally strong with 'log cabin' style interlocking boards 32mm thick making this a store that will last for years. Not to be confused with more flimsy versions you see in many garden centers.

The timber is pressure treated and comes pre assembled so no work for you to do. Apart from the hinges on the top there are no fixings, the interlocking joints hold it all together so nothing to go wrong.

Dimensions are 1.2m long x 0.6m wide by 0.9m high, you can view our outdoor garden storage chest here.