Growing Vegetables In Urban Planters - Container Gardening

Growing Vegetables In Urban Planters - Container Gardening

Urban Planters / Container Gardening for vegetable growers. An image blog post.

Wooden Wine Boxes make great little planters for herbs and salads. Vertical farming with herb containers. Any wall or fence can be transformed into an urban container garden.

vertical gardening with herb pots

Metal containers make great, long lasting garden planters and come in all shapes and sizes.

Growing veg in metal garden containers

Rooftop gardens have really taken off in cities and built up areas. You can use any un-used space to grow your own.

Urban rooftop vegetable garden

Of course raised beds are the ultimate in garden planters, and are widely used not only in gardens and allotments, but in urban or rooftop gardens also.

Urban gardening with raised beds

A huge range of fruit, vegetables or flowers can be grown in raised beds with less effort.

Raised beds for urban planters

Urban planters can be designed or altered to fit in with your existing garden or back yard style.

Metal container vegetable planters

Almost anything can be transformed into a container for growing herbs, salads, and veg.

container herb gardening

Old tins work just as well for growing herbs. How's that for recycling.

Growing herbs in old tins

Tomatoes grow very well in hanging baskets and can be suspended over other containers, doubling up on space.

Growing tomatoes in hanging baskets

Urban farming with timber raised beds. Community gardens, allotments, and rooftop gardens are made much easier with raised beds.

Urban farming with raised beds

Rooftop vegetable garden. A large amount of produce can be grown in un-used spaces like roofs.

Modern rooftop container garden

Timber planter boxes for growing your own. These wooden planters can be made in any size and placed anywhere.

Timber planter boxes

Growing Courgettes in a large container, in this case it's a large pot.

Large planter with courgettes growing

Growing lettuce in a large bowl shaped pot. Herbs and salads grow brilliantly in containers and pots.

Growing lettuce in a bowl

Growing runner beans in urban planters with bamboo stakes for support.

Growing runner beans in containers

Growing more lettuce in a plastic container. Smaller containers are great for patios and balconys.

Lettuce growing in a garden planter

Cabbages growing in pots. A cabbage plant doesn't require a large amount of space to grow successfully.

Growing cabbages in pots

Growing carrots in urban planters. Carrots are a great entry level vegetable to grow in containers for the beginner garden.

Growing carrots in containers

Hope you like the pictures. Here is our full range of Urban Planters / Containers.