Mini Polytunnel Kits For Vegetable Gardening

Mini Polytunnel Kits For Vegetable Gardening

Mini Polytunnel Kits

Our Quickcrop mini polytunnel kits have been designed to be attached, via a hinge, to a  timber raised bed. They can also be secured straight into the ground using the included  ground pegs. These mini tunnels act as a small greenhouse providing extra warmth and plant  protection at a fraction of the price of a regular polytunnel or glasshouse. They are  ideal for extending the vegetable growing season by getting started earlier in the spring  before the cold weather has completely passed or by growing later in the year and  overwintering.

Mini polytunnels are suitable for home gardens of all sizes and allotments, they are the  perfect alternative to costly, permanent garden structures. Our mini tunnels come in easy  to assemble kits, and the great thing about them is that they are light and portable. They  can be moved around the garden to wherever they're needed with ease and fasten to the  ground or raised bed securely so they won't be moved by the weather. They can be covered  with polythene, insect mesh, or garden fleece depending on what it is needed for.

Mini Polytunnel For Soil Warming

If used with a polythene cover, the mini tunnel becomes invaluable as a soil warming tool.  Simply fasten over a raised bed or area of ground and it will heat the soil before  seedlings are put in. They also offer protection against frost, garden pests, pets and  wildlife, and weather extremes.

The mini tunnel kit does not have to be used outside, it can be used in an existing  polytunnel or greenhouse to create a sort of double glazing effect. This can be especially  beneficial for warmer climate crops to grow properly in our climate.

Our kits use pressure treated timber for the frame and thick plastic tubing to create the  structure. The clever bit is our unique fixing system for attaching the frame together,  securing the tubular supports and fixing the poly or mesh to the frame. You can easily  build a tunnel in 30 mins which will last you for many years. These tunnels are not to be  confused with inferior ready made products which will only last for 1 or 2 seasons. They  can be disassembled and stored away, the connectors are heavy duty injection molded  plastic and the structural tubing is standard plastic water pipe and will last for years  of use, the cover can be replaced or changed to a different type at will.

For more information, here is our Mini Polytunnels for vegetable gardening video. It shows  how one is put together and also goes through the advantages of using it for growing fruit  and vegetables.

Our Mini polytunnel kits and much more can be found in our Raised Bed Accessories Shop.