Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights

The clocks haven’t yet gone back and the leaves are still on the trees but there is definitely a change in the light. I love my time spent in the garden and will find any excuse to venture outside and potter about. The Autumn colours frame my garden beautifully and I never tire of watching the gradual transformation through the season from lush, green foliage to the beautiful browns, reds and ochres of falling leaves. These trips outdoors generally involve feeding the compost bin at dusk or retrieving a wayward wheelbarrow swept along by a sudden squall, usually at the darker end of the evening.

Outdoor lighting systems come in to their own at this time of year when we are still eager to stay in the garden but the fading light deters us. A quality floodlight will illuminate paths and work areas, making them safe. They will also afford a degree of security, acting as a deterrent to any unwelcome visitors. Low lighting defines and showcases beds and borders and will serve as a guide to a meandering path, preventing accidents and unwarranted diversions into ponds and dips. Atmospheric lighting will always set the tone for outdoor living, creating a mood for entertaining, bringing back memories of languid evenings spent in exotic places.

Pergola Garden LIghts

Home lighting is currently undergoing a minor revolution, with so many new applications becoming available due to the latest advancements in modern technology. LED bulbs have improved in recent years due to major research investment in the electronic industry focused on developing more efficient lighting with consideration to the environmental impact. We now have bulbs which provide increased lighting while maintaining reduced energy consumption that remain continually effective over a much longer life span. Their low energy consumption allows the lights to be powered by solar panels, doing away with the need for a mains electrical supply.

We are currently stocking a range of low- energy solar powered lighting systems that will meet the needs of any gardener or fan of the outdoor life. We have festoon or party lights with contemporary designs, spotlights and security floodlights for peace of mind as well as a selection of wall and post lights to highlight pathways and garden features.

Solar Garden Post Light

Outdoor solar lights are the natural alternative to mains powered lights and will provide so many additional benefits. Solar systems are installed without the need for extensive cabling, allowing you to position the lights without having to consider their proximity to a mains socket. The lights and the solar panels are placed together and will function independently as long as there is some exposure to sunlight throughout the day. They are completely free to run and will have minimal impact on the environment.

We have chosen to stock this high quality lighting system for good reason. Although these products are moderately more expensive than the more common systems on the market they will provide a much longer length of service and are intended for all season use – year after year after year. This a durable product, built to withstand our weather, and not intended to be discarded at the end of the Summer. This system has been designed and manufactured to an impressive standard using the latest in LED technology, complying with all waterproofing and electrical safety regulations, and comes highly recommended by landscape architects.

Most of our lights can set to switch on and off at preset times, with a motion detector or whenever the natural light is sufficient. Sold as a kit, the lights come supplied with solar panel, lights, cables and connectors ready to be installed without the need for fuss or a huge bag of tools.

Vintage Solar Garden Light

These lights will extend your barbecues and garden parties well into the small hours, setting the mood and creating an atmosphere of gracious living. Winter evenings around a firepit or garden heater will be magically transformed into a night time fiesta. The outdoor lifestyle is something we can all enjoy, all we need is good company, seductive lighting and a little imagination.