How To Grow Borage - Herb

How To Grow Borage - Herb

how to grow borage

Borage, also known as a starflower, is a mediterranean annual herb that also grows well in the UK and Ireland. It has hairy leaves and stems with a 5 pointed blue flower, white and pink varieties also exist. The leaves are edible and are used in many dishes, (mostly decoratively), and the flower has a sweet honey-like taste, making it one of the few truly edible blue plants. Borage makes a great companion plant for strawberries and tomatoes.

Site and Soil
Moist well aerated soils of all types, favours sandy soil.  Full sun or partially shaded area.

Plant to Harvest Time
Six Weeks

Where To Grow

Borage grows best in full sun but will still perform well in lightly shaded areas provided they are warm enough. It will grow fine in most soil types as long as they are mulched and kept moist. We recommend growing borage in a pot as it spreads easily and can quickly become a nuisance.

Propagating Borage

Barely cover borage seeds with soil and keep well watered, take care not to over water. Keep approx 60cm between plants

Plant Care

If the soil is particularily poor, a good fertilizer may be needed, use one that is safe for use with edible plants. Borage self seeds so doesn't need to be replanted.

Container Growing

Borage will grow very well in a container indoors or out. Use a good quality potting soil mix and keep moist