How To Grow Caraway

How To Grow Caraway

Caraway, also known as Persian Cumin or Meridian Fennel, is part of the carrot family and similar in appearance too. It has aromatic leaves and tasty seeds which are used in a wide range of European style dishes, the seeds can also be chewed to relieve indigestion. The caraway plant will grow up to approximately 60cm.

How to grow caraway seedsType
Biennial herb

Site and Soil
Well drained soil rich in organic matter, Full sun or warm area with light shade

Plant to Harvest Time
Two years

Where To Grow
Caraway needs a well drained soil with rich organic matter and added sand. It performs best in warmer areas with full sunlight.

Propagating Caraway

Sow directly into a well drained soil and lightly cover with a thin layer of soil. This thin layer, (about 0.5 - 1cm), should include your rich compost for best results. Keep about 15 to 20 cm room between plants.

Plant Care

After about 8-12 days the seedlings should begin to surface, immediately surround with mulch, a good compost or rotted manure will suffice. Use a liquid fertilizer a couple of times during the growing months.

Container Growing

Caraway will grow very well in a container, provided it is placed in a bright, sunny location.  Use a larger container with a regular potting soil, you will need to fertilize every few weeks and water regularly.