Beginners Carrot Growing Kit

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  • A beginner's gardening kit for growing your own carrots.
  • Ideal for patios, balconies, and smaller urban gardens.
  • Includes: 2 Carrot Patio Planters, 2 x 40L Living Green Organic Wormcast Compost and 1 packet of 'Early Nantes' Carrot Seeds.
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    Beginners Carrot Growing Kit

    Easy to use everything supplied though did top up with a small bit more soil - excellent yield of over 50 carrots, great size as I did initially think they might be small but instead they were of nice medium size, good quality throughout and already have sowed another batch so hoping for a second crop, kids also loved and as I was able to locate planters on a table top outside no worry of carrot fly - highly recommend- delighted with the result!

    E Johnston

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    Beginners Carrot Growing Kit

    seeded cartots 4 times this year... nothing happened

    Hanna Long

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    Beginners Carrot Growing Kit

    Nice, all in one, very handy

    Alexis P.

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    Beginners Carrot Growing Kit

    The kit was great but i could have done with a bit more help on the instructions side of things. That said i did watch the Quickcrop carrot video which helped a lot

    Geoffrey Mc Dougall

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