Bird Control - The Bird Scare Line

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  • The Bird Scare Line is a humane and easy to use bird repellent made of polypropylene tape, which is an effective bird deterrent.
  • Emits an ever varying sound and vibration that birds won't go near.
  • It also deters rabbits and other pests. Bird scare is harmless to crops, birds and animals and is inaudible to the human ear.
  • 30metres in length.
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    Very Good

    Thought it was flimsy when i put it up but it is actually working really well. The noise it gives off when wind blows through it works well. That said i live in a windy spot

    Marc Walker

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    Bird Control - The Bird Scare Line

    This product was useless. I wanted it to keep crows away from animal feed but within a half hour of putting it up the crows were back as bad as ever. I would not purchase it again or teccend it to anyone.


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    Bird Control - The Bird Scare Line

    Doesn't Work Unfortunately I thought that this would keep away birds from my patio area but very next morning they were all there as usual


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    Bird Control - The Bird Scare Line

    This product is not fit for purpose. I would liken it to the draw strings on a refuse sack, only not as strong. I set it in place and tried to tie it several times but eventually gave up as it frayed too easily. Shoddy product, and I am amazed to see you guys selling it as the rest of your produce is excellent.

    Chris Murphy

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