Bottle Top Waterer 4 Pack

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A pack of bottle top waterers has 4 nozzles, each with a different spray pattern. Each nozzle will fit on any regular mouthed plastic drinks bottle.

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    Bottle Top Waterer 4 Pack

    Brilliant - we used to make these ourselves by hammering a nail into a lid. The variety is a huge plus.

    Ule Wentz

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    Bottle Top Waterer 4 Pack

    These are so useful and perfect for watering seedlings and small plants!


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    Bottle Top Waterer 4 Pack

    It is hard to get excited about a few bottle tops but this product is brilliant in its simplicity. Perfect for watering seed trays!


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    Bottle Top Waterer 4 Pack

    Excellent product, much better than any rosiere thing I got for a watering can. Unfortunately the 'sieve' bit fell out of one of the bottle tops but you can put it back in and hopefully I'll still be able to use it. Definite 5 stars if not for this.